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The Tyler EnerGov Integration by ECS imaging offers organizations the ability to centralize long term and archival storage of EnerGov documents and files in Laserfiche.

The integration automates the process for sending documents to Laserfiche in an intelligent way – through dynamic routing – that stores incoming documents into an easy to browse folder structure in Laserfiche. Additionally, the ECS integration utilizes existing index information extracted from EnerGov to append fields in Laserfiche to make searching fast and efficient.

Once documents or files are stored in EnerGov, they are immediately transferred to Laserfiche. Only a stub of the record (logical document) remains in EnerGov as the physical file is stored in Laserfiche. When the logical document is accessed from within EnerGov the document is opened with any of the Laserfiche web clients, e.g. WebLink or Web Access.


The Tyler EnerGov Integration by ECS Imaging offers organizations the following features:

  • The ability to synchronize index information of a document
    • If a document record’s index information in EnerGov is updated, the integration will automatically update the index information in Laserfiche.
  • The ability to synchronize the deletion of a document
    • If a document record in EnerGov is removed, the integration can also remove the document from Laserfiche.
  • The ability to access related documents in Laserfiche from Tyler EnerGov
  • Direct integration using the EnerGov API and the Laserfiche API
    • A direct integration reduces issues with compatibility and long term stability upgrading either EnerGov or Laserfiche systems.


Product Version Number: V2.0

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products:

  • Laserfiche Key-Integration License
  • Laserfiche Web Access or Laserfiche Weblink


The Tyler EnerGov Integration by ECS ImagingSoftware$10,000.00
The Tyler EnerGov Integration by ECS Imaging Annual MaintenanceAnnual Maintenance$2,000.00



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