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Institute Director Shares Peter Drucker’s Lessons on Information and Knowledge in an Ever-Changing World

Drucker Institute director Rick Wartzman was featured as a keynote speaker at the 2008 Laserfiche Institute Conference, where he shared lessons from Peter Drucker on information and knowledge in an ever-changing world. The conference, sponsored by Laserfiche, a leading document, records and information management company, was attended by nearly 1,000 people. Among them were Laserfiche employees, resellers and customers.

Source: Credit Union Times

South Carolina CU Goes Digital with Check Storage – By Marc Rapport

Greenville Federal Credit Union has just finished beta-testing the Laser Check System from Millennial Vision, Inc., a value-added reseller of Laserfiche document imaging software. Now the $90 million CU can store electronic check receipts and CD documents without involving paper, and quickly retrieve them without having to dig through boxes.

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At its annual conference in January, Laserfiche introduced the latest version of its document management software, Laserfiche 8, featuring advanced capture and data processing capabilities and an integrated and extensible workflow engine.

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The Great Cost of Paper – By Christina Mucciolo

Christina Mucciolo said, “You’ve been hearing about the paperless office for years. Yet, it seems the mound of printed matter in a financial-advisory office only continues to grow.” She said that if you can manage to digitize your office, you’ll save big. For those who need help, there are many “how to” resources, including document software providers like Laserfiche. According to Laserfiche’s ROI for RIA’s white paper, a paperless office cuts down on storage space, which costs money, and makes firms more efficient in interacting with clients and regulators, said Jeffrey Green, director of compliance/senior consultant for the Laserfiche Solutions Group.

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Greenville Federal Credit Union Beta Tests New MVi Laser Check System

Using Millenial Vision’s new Laser Check System and Laserfiche’s document imaging software, Greenville Federal Credit Union no longer has to use valuable space to physically store paper checks and CDs, and can immediately retrieve its digital documents at the touch of a button for faster member service.

Source: Investment News

A Paperless Office Can Boost Your ROI – By Davis Janowski

A recent study and white paper sponsored by Laserfiche shows that the smallest of advisory firms can save $40,000 or more annually by implementing a document management solution. Reporter Davis Janowski states that going paperless improves customer service, enhances compliance and transforms audits into little more than minor data calls instead of multi-day office shutdowns. For owners considering retiring or selling, a document management system can add significantly to a firm’s value.

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Intuition Pro

Laserfiche officially rolled out its new, small-advisory-firm oriented Intuition Pro document management system during the annual FPA conference in the fall of 2007. Intuition Pro allows advisers to capture, store, archive, search for and retrieve a secure graphic image of any document in a few mouse clicks. This ability helps advisers on their path to a paperless, and more efficient, practice.

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ROI for RIAs

Investment News has posted Laserfiche’s ROI white paper in its white paper section. The introduction begins with, “How can technology deliver a significant return on investment with both current savings and a significant increase in long-term business value?”


Printing Industry News – Canon Shipping the imageFORMULA DR-X10C

Canon issued a press release to announce that it is shipping its new scanner, the DR-X10C. To facilitate integration with customer infrastructures, the DR-X10C has been tested and is compatible with imaging solutions from a list of software vendors that includes Laserfiche.

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Laserfiche Awarded U.S. Patent

Laserfiche was awarded a patent related to camera-based document imaging on February 12, 2008, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The technology covered by patent number 7,330,604 allows pictures of documents or books to be straightened using a versatile image processing algorithm. “This patent shows another elegant way that Laserfiche helps organizations run smarter,” said Laserfiche President & CEO Nien-Ling Wacker. “I am very proud of the hard work and diligence on the part of our development team and research partners to give users another tool for digitizing documents. Receiving this patent is a major milestone.”

Source: Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal

Technology: Standard Electronic Signatures

Algorithmic Research, a leading global provider of standard digital signature solutions, and Laserfiche, a developer of powerful electronic document management systems (EDMS), have announced the release of CoSign® for Laserfiche. CoSign for Laserfiche will allow Laserfiche users to replace handwritten signatures with legally-binding digital signatures for electronic documents within the Laserfiche records management, document management and workflow environment.

Source: NY Daily News

Software that Helps Erase the Paper Trail – By Janice Fioravante

Many small business owners are working hard to make the term “paperwork” as obsolete as the typewriter. Because organizing and storing contracts, receipts and invoices is more efficient when done electronically, an increasingly large array of products and services are helping companies turn back the paper tide. Staten Island money manager Alan Katz of Comprehensive Wealth Management Group invested in Intuition, a system made for financial advisers. “I researched different solutions because I know that, in my business, I have to follow regulations on how documents can be stored.” Intuition allowed a pair of Katz’s interns to empty five filing cabinets by scanning in their contents and organizing them electronically. Since they finished, “looking for a document is so much easier than sifting through paper files,” he said. Intuition, made by Laserfiche, sells for $1,495 and comes with one year of tech support. Laserfiche consultant Tim Welsh said the program provides one central filing system for all records and scanned documents, including e-mail, PDFs and faxes. “Once digitized, records can be accessed from anywhere now that the office travels with owners, assuming they’ve got a laptop,” Welsh said. “Access to all documents should be a snap.”

Source: Wealth Manager

A Paperless Year – By Janice Fioravante

Fioravante said Laserfiche has been a longtime proponent of going paperless. Said Tim Welsh, president of Nexus Strategy LLC and a consultant to Laserfiche, “I do lots of presentations to financial advisors, and when I mention that going paperless will increase their ability to grow—which is a big factor when businesses are being valued on a multiple basis—I see people sit up straighter in their chairs and really listen. Paperless systems enable more efficient compliance with regulations, added Brian LaPointe, Laserfiche director of strategic solutions. “Our recent informal survey of advisors at a major industry event found that 75 percent plan to implement electronic document management in the next year to increase front-office and back office efficiencies, streamline regulatory compliance tasks and reduce rent costs.” Laserfiche, he said, is more than capable of supporting compliance mandates.

Source: Credit Union Times

Vystar to Deploy New Document Management Tools – By Marc Rapport

VyStar Credit Union will be using the services of Millennial Vision (MVi) to integrate its core processing and electronic document management systems. The $3.3 billion credit union runs on a MISER core platform from Fidelity National Information Services and now will be using a Laserfichce document management solution, tying the two together with MVi technology.

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Document Management Software Leads to Paperless Efficiency – By Maria Varmazis

Varmazis said that an important feature of document management that’s driving adoption goes hand-in-hand with paperless documentation: searchability. She said, “When a document is scanned and entered into a document management system, it’s not just a picture of the paper document. All of its text becomes indexed and searchable in a database for later retrieval.” David Yeskel, systems analyst for the city of Santa Monica, Calif., said that the city’s government aimed to do just that when it started migrating to a new document management system in late 2005. “We had a large back-file of building permits going back to the 1920s—literally millions of pages of paper that we wanted to make sure we could protect over time and make easily searchable,” said Yeskel. Yeskel and a committee within the city of Santa Monica sent out RFPs to a number of document management companies. In the end, the city went with Laserfiche software. A deciding factor was that Laserfiche scaled its solution to the size the city needed and helped implement the software to get document management operating as quickly as possible. Within six months, the Laserfiche system, which is accessible online, was up and running for use within the city’s administration. “We can give our users a URL on our intranet, and they’re automatically logged in to Laserfiche,” Yeskel said. “There’s no software for us to install and our annual software maintenance is half of what it was.”

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