CompanyNameImageLaserfiche welcomes Sun City Innovations (SCI) as the latest authorized value-added reseller (VAR) to provide enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to clients in Arizona. With more than 22 years of experience helping organizations overcome operational challenges, Brett Meyers launched SCI in 2015 to deliver expert consulting and process management services that help organizations realize rapid ROI.

“I came across Laserfiche for the first time in 2010, and it was immediately clear that this software suitewith its powerful workflow engine and ability to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applicationscould transform business processes across industry verticals,” said Meyers, owner of SCI. “With SCI’s expertise in process design principles and Laserfiche’s bulletproof ECM products, our clients will quickly be able to optimize resource efficiency, cost and service performance.”

SCI’s capabilities span nearly every industry, and its robust offerings target organizations looking to leverage technology to grow their operations without hiring more staff. “With the proper technologies, we can enable good employees to be more efficient and effective,” Meyers said.

“Brett’s passion aligns with the Laserfiche VAR Program’s vision of strategically expanding the use of ECM software,” said Hedy Belttary, Senior Vice President of Sales at Laserfiche. “We are proud to welcome SCI in an integral partnership that will increase Laserfiche’s presence in Arizona.”

For more information about SCI, visit or call 623-633-1181.


About Sun City Innovations

Arizona-based Sun City Innovations (SCI), owned by Brett and Tracy Meyers, is a solutions provider focused on helping organizations streamline daily processes. SCI offers a diverse range of products and services including business consulting, Laserfiche electronic content management (ECM), and implementation and training. With experience spanning nearly every industry vertical—from government and educational institutions to financial, healthcare, legal and manufacturing organizations, SCI leverages expertise in process design principles and cutting-edge technology to target solutions to each of its customers’ unique needs.


About Laserfiche
Laserfiche is a leading global provider of enterprise content management software empowering organizations to take control of information and business processes.

With intuitive on-premises and cloud solutions for document management and process automation, Laserfiche improves productivity, efficiency and strategic decision-making for organizations looking to transform into a digital workplace.

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