Contributed by: Sheila Gallegos, Project Manager, United Road Towing

United Road Towing built a custom integration between Laserfiche Quick Fields, Laserfiche Workflow and towing software that gathers data from scanned vehicle barcodes, driver invoices and customer-submitted documents. The integration makes previously disconnected information readily available to multiple departments and provides in-depth documentation on the towing process.

“Laserfiche has helped us to streamline our processes but also makes sure that the processes are the same from location to location.” — Sheila Gallegos, Project Manager.

The company worked with Laserfiche to create a custom Workflow script with an HTTP post to retrieve data from the towing software’s closed database. The script automatically pulls information from the towing software to fill in additional data in Laserfiche Quick Fields about the document after the barcodes are scanned:

  • When the company tows a vehicle, the tow truck driver places a bar code sticker on the vehicle to identify it in the vehicle inventory and places a barcode on the storage report:

Barcodes and Vehicle Tags Bar Code Sticker

Laserfiche Quick Fields

  • Storage facility staff scans the storage report with the barcode into Laserfiche.
  • Laserfiche Quick Fields reads the barcode, places the inventory number into a field and saves the storage report into the Laserfiche repository:

Vehicle Storage Report

  • The custom  Laserfiche Workflow script runs a session that searches the towing database using the barcode and fills in additional sections in Laserfiche Quick Fields with retrieved information about the vehicle, such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, VIN number as well as customer information, invoice and payment dates:

Laserfiche Workflow Script Code

Qf Storage Report

When all fields are complete, the Laserfiche Workflow session electronically files the documents by tow date:

“Now anyone who answers the phone can answer inquiries about the status of a vehicle by doing a simple search in Laserfiche.” — Sheila Gallegos, Project Manager.

Tips and Lessons Learned:

  • Involve everyone who touches the documents to be sure that you don’t miss something critical to the department. Find out what is important to them.
  • Add quality checks to the system for those odd situations that might need to be processed differently.
  • Document the current business processes and determine where Laserfiche can create efficiencies. Then set measurable and realistic goals as to when the efficiencies can be implemented.
  • Think outside of the box.
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