3 Electronic Forms That Have a Huge Payoff

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Most organizations rely on forms. Everything from onboarding new employees to requesting leave requires a form. We’ve seen through many examples that implementing electronic forms can be extremely beneficial. However, with so many forms used within the organization, which ones should be made electronic first?  Here are three electronic forms that have the greatest payoff.

1. Purchase Orders

Every organization, regardless of industry, must deal with purchase orders (POs) in some capacity. After being filled out, a PO generally needs to be approved. Dealing with paper POs can involve running between offices trying to track down the required signature.

To solve this problem, South African mining company DCD Group made its PO form electronic. As a result, productivity has improved significantly because employees no longer have to chase down managers to obtain signatures. Instead, the system automatically sends an email with a shortcut to the form, and the manager can approve the POs directly from his computer or mobile device, even when he is out of the office.

DCD Group's electronic PO
DCD Group’s electronic PO

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2. Travel Requests

Most organizations require certain employees to travel on business. Processing travel requests requires the participation of many people—from the initial requestor to the manager to the person scheduling and coordinating travel. Since travel requests are often time sensitive, it is necessary to approve them quickly before transportation and accommodation prices go up and availability goes down.

After Kentucky Sanitation District #1 implemented electronic travel requests,  its documents never get lost or misfiled, and requests are always approved in a timely manner. The new process is faster and more efficient, and employees are reimbursed for their travel expenses more quickly, making them happier.

Kentucky Sanitation District #1's electronic travel request form
Kentucky Sanitation District #1’s electronic travel request form

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3. Employee Onboarding Forms

Onboarding new employees can be a hassle, especially on the first day. The new employee typically needs to complete multiple forms and fill out the same information in multiple places. All of that must then be re-entered into some sort of employee database, which wastes time and results in data entry errors.

After DCD Group implemented electronic onboarding forms, the time to onboard a new employee was reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, and administrative work to onboard a new employee has been cut in half.

DCD Group's electronic onboarding form for contractors
DCD Group’s electronic onboarding form for contractors

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If you want to discover the multitude of ways electronic forms can improve your organization, download our guide to Quicker Better Safer: Laserfiche Forms.

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