3 Ways a Content Management System Helps Your Organization Become More Successful

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Your organization’s staff manually performs content management as they search for information, act on it, move it and archive it every day. This process, with its manual searching, faxing, photocopying and hand distribution, is costly and time-consuming. But by implementing a content management system, organizations can realize many benefits that noticeably improve organizational efficiency.

Streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency are fundamental goals for any organization, regardless of size or sector. A content management system revolutionizes the management of information and provides the ability to rapidly find, retrieve and share your documents and information, with functionality that includes:

Let’s take a look at three ways these content management system features can help your organization deal with the rapidly increasing burden of creating and maintaining information.

How a Content Management System Helps Save Time

Organizations generate incredibly large amounts of paper and electronic documents. Without a quality content management system in place, organizations waste time, effort and money on managing, distributing and finding those documents. In fact, according to ARMA, organizations typically misfile up to 20% of their records—losing them forever.

The benefits of a content management system go beyond simply keeping track of where documents are located, however. A content management system reduces the time, cost and complexity associated with storing, accessing and collaborating on documents throughout their life cycle, ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Content management systems ensure that employees have access to relevant documents so they can take action and boost the bottom line, not waste time searching for misfiled documents.
Content management systems ensure that employees have access to relevant documents so they can take action and boost the bottom line, not waste time searching for misfiled documents.

With a content management system your organization can lower paper-handling costs, simplify business continuity planning and reduce downtime in the case of a disaster, and, most importantly, repurpose space currently needed for paper storage for more profitable activities. In fact, a recent Nucleus Research study showed content management systems returning $6.12 for every dollar invested.

How a Content Management System Improves Revenue Generation

On average, employees waste 30 minutes a day—or 16 days a year—searching for documents. Those manual content management activities account for more time than the average US worker accrues in vacation time each year.

The costs of improper content management go beyond simply recreating information. 59% of middle managers say they miss important information almost every day because they can’t find it. At best, this leads to poor decision-making; at worst, this results in compliance and regulatory risk. Both can put your organization’s future in danger.

A content management system provides your staff with immediate access to the information that allows it to make better decisions about issues impacting your organization’s bottom line. Your employees will be able to support their work processes, work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively and make better-informed choices with a content management system—dramatically increasing productivity while accelerating the pace of business and keeping your clients satisfied.

How a Content Management System Enables Process Automation

When it comes to automating a business process, content management systems don’t just get rid of the paper from the process—they also offer functionality that automates the entire thing. Using a built-in workflow management component, your organization saves time and money by reducing photocopying, hand delivery and repetitive dragging and dropping.

Workflow management is the assistant that never takes a vacation. With workflow management software as part of your content management system, you create rules that automatically route documents from one staff member to the next, in the order you specify. Automated e-mail messages alert staff members when documents require their attention. And employees can upload and sign documents, submit forms and review and approve documents, from a phone, tablet or laptop.

The end result? Your processes are more cost-efficient, streamlined and error-free.

Workflow management software keeps employees productive and processes moving, whether they’re in the office or not.
Workflow management software keeps employees productive and processes moving, whether they’re in the office or not.

As your business grows, so do files, and so does the time and effort required to manage them. A content management system gives you the power to recapture lost hours, reduce your overhead expenses and increase profitability, all while improving the level of service you provide to your customers.

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