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The Laserfiche WebLink Designer allows Laserfiche administrators to customize the look and feel of pages, configure navigation elements, and add links to custom searches or folders. Yet, there are certain functions that are beyond the scope of the WebLink Designer. This article outlines how Laserfiche administrators can customize Laserfiche WebLink by:

  • Hiding the “My WebLink” option from the Folder Browser.
  • Hiding the Records Management Search.
  • Defaulting to the thumbnails view in the Document Viewer.
  • Defaulting to the full screen view in the Document Viewer.
  • Disabling the rendering of tags.
  • Customizing a particular field display.

The last two items on this list rely on a technology called extensible stylesheet language transformations (XSLT). XSLT is used by the backend Laserfiche WebLink code.

Overall strategy

The overall strategy for customizing Laserfiche WebLink is:

  1. Install a browser debugging tool. For the purposes of this article, we used FireBug for Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Inspect the element that you are interested in modifying with the debugger tool to find the name of the element and the place in the code where it is located. For example, we inspected the “My WebLink” link on the Folder Browser page. Based on the highlighted line in the bottom left panel, it is clear that the element’s id is “PrefsLink.” Based on the information in the bottom right panel, it is clear that the file that contains this element is “WebLinkStyles.css.”
Weblink Customization Overall Strategy
Click image to view larger in new window.
  • Modify the application code to hide/alter this element.

Before attempting to modify any of the WebLink files, it is imperative that Laserfiche administrators heed these warnings:

  • Make sure that all Web files are backed up in case it is ever necessary to revert to the original configuration.
  • Document all of the changes to the files. Upgrading may break some customizations and good documentation will allow for these customizations to be quickly reapplied.

Hide “My WebLink” option

To prevent users from customizing their own WebLink profiles, Laserfiche administrators can easily hide the “My WebLink” option from the Folder Browser page:

Hide “My Weblink” Option

To do this, find the WebLinkStyles.css file and add the following text:

a#PrefsLink { display:none; }

Hide the Records Management Search

Some organizations may want to limit their WebLink users to using only the regular, Laserfiche search. They would like to have the “Records Management Search” option completely hidden.

Hide the Records Management Search

To hide the “Records Management Search,” open the WebLinkStyles.css file and add the following text:

select[name="TheSearchForm:_ctl2"] {

Default to the thumbnails view in the Document Viewer

By default, when a document is viewed in the Document Viewer, the Metadata Pane is displayed. Occasionally, the thumbnail view would be more useful to particular users. It is possible to make the thumbnail view the default view in the Document Viewer.

Thumbnail View

To make the Document Viewer open the thumbnails by default, find the DocView.aspx file and add the following code within the $(document).ready block:


Default to the full screen view in the Document Viewer

Sometimes, users will use Laserfiche WebLink solely to view the document image. These users may not even need to see the metadata or thumbnails. It is possible to customize the Document Viewer to automatically default to a full screen view.

Full Screen View

To default to the full screen view in the Document Viewer, find the DocView.aspx file and add the following code within the $(document).ready block.


Disable rendering of tags

Informational tags can be added to documents in order to categorize them or aid in internal searches. Informational tags are also displayed in the Laserfiche WebLink Metadata Pane. Sometimes, these tags do not need to be displayed to WebLink users. It is possible to make the “Tags” section completely disappear in the Metadata Pane.

Disable Rendering of Tags

To disable the rendering of tags, find the tags.xsl file, navigate to line 5, and add the following text:

and false

Customize a field display

In the Metadata Pane, all fields applied to the particular document are listed in a uniform format (black text on a white background). A Laserfiche administrator may like to alter the display of a particular field to make it stand out. For example, a template for all expense reports has an “Expense Total” field. When accounting managers view these expense reports, they would like to quickly see any unusually high expenses. In order to bring attention to these high expenses, it is possible to configure any “Expense Total” field with an expense over $750 to be displayed in a red, bold font.

Customize a Field Display

To force the “Expense Total” field to display any total greater than $750 in a bold, red font, find the fields.xsl file and replace the code in lines 68-73 with the following code:

<!-- Remove blank field values -->
<xsl:when test="@FieldName = 'Expense Total' and Value > 750">
<div class="FieldDisplayName">
<xsl:value-of select="@FieldName"/>
<xsl:for-each select="Value">
<div class="FieldDisplayValue"style="color:red;style:bold">
<xsl:value-of select="."/>
<div class="FieldDisplayName">
<xsl:value-of select="@FieldName"/>
<xsl:for-each select="Value">
<div class="FieldDisplayValue">
<xsl:value-of select="."/>

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