Clear Entry Access Rights from an Entry

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  • Document & Records Management

Entry access rights allow you to control what users and groups can do with documents and folders in the repository. Since these rights are based on specific locations in the folder tree, they are applied through the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

What does this utility do?

This program removes all entry access rights that have been set on the specified entry (folder or document) and resets the Inherit Rights option to true. Once the program has been run, only inherited entry access rights will remain.

Run the utility. In the pop-up window specify the Server and Repository as well as the associated Username and Password. Note, if you leave these fields blank, this utility will run as the current domain user.

Next, identify the Entry ID of the document or folder for which you would like to delete the access rights. This ID can be found in the “Document/Folder Properties” dialog box in the Laserfiche Client.If the entry is a folder, you can also select the Recurse option to clear explicitly assigned entry access rights for all children of a folder, children of child folders, and so on through the tree.

After clicking OK, you must confirm that you would like to proceed with the changes.

You will be notified when the access rights have been deleted.

Why is this utility useful?

The utility is useful in situations where you:

  • Set up security sub-optimally and wish to correct it.
  • Have incorrectly configured your scope.
  • Are creating a new repository, and wish to start with a blank slate.

What are the prerequisites for this utility?

  • Laserfiche Server 7.2 and higher.

The specified user must have the Manage Entry Access privilege for the repository.

What should I know before running this utility?

The deletion process is irreversible.

  • Be absolutely certain that you wish to clear all access control entries from the selected document or folder before you run this utility.
  • Make sure you verify that you have specified the correct Entry ID when the program prompts you to confirm.
  • Remember that if you have chosen the Recurse option, the changes will propagate down through the folder tree. This is true even if the original entry does not have the Inherit Rights option selected.

If you clear all rights on an entry, such as at the root directory, only the user with the Manage Entry Access privilege for the repository will be able to access it.

This program only removes explicitly assigned entry access rights.

  • It does not affect inherited rights.
  • It also does not affect volume rights, field rights, feature rights, or privileges.

Where can I download this utility?

You can download the .zip file of the utility here.

*A Support Site account is necessary in order to download the .zip file.*

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