Government Organizations: Fast-Track Delivery of Public Services Using Laserfiche’s Business Process Library

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What economists are calling the “silver tsunami” has government organizations assessing how they will cope with expanding workloads and provide additional services. Research data analyzed by Governing indicates that in some state agencies, more than 40 percent of employees will be eligible for retirement in 2017.

This staffing crunch creates concern for municipalities facing expanded workloads due to new projects, a higher demand for citizen services and smaller budgets. Yet even when budgets increase, public sector organizations won’t be able to hire their way out of the “silver tsunami.”

With fewer people and more work, it’s clear that how work gets done needs to change. Some governments have already turned to process automation as one way to handle increased work with less staff—however, with a high demand for IT resources, these solutions aren’t always quickly deployed and implemented. Automating processes traditionally requires a number of steps, including diagramming a workflow, identifying and eliminating unnecessary tasks, and testing and optimizing the workflow.

Recently, Laserfiche introduced the Business Process Library, a collection of prebuilt forms-based business process templates designed to eliminate many of those steps so organizations can deploy automated processes faster.

A package of government-specific process templates within the Business Process Library provides some of the most common business processes used by federal, state and local government. For government agencies, this means process automation now takes less time and resources that can be redirected toward important public services. These prebuilt templates also provide government agencies new ideas for other processes to automate with Laserfiche.

The ECM Systems and Database Administration Team at Loudoun County, VA, automated over 80 processes across 30 departments and now plans to use the Business Process Library to increase efficiency in even more of its operations. “Everything in the Business Process Library can be configured to fit our organization and its specific needs,” said Jakub Jedrzejczak, ECM Systems and Database Administration Team Manager at Loudoun County. “Having a starting point allows us to implement projects at a much quicker pace.”

The Business Process Library’s government specific prebuilt templates include:

  • Public records requests
  • Business license applications
  • Court case file compilations
  • Graffiti removal requests

Laserfiche will continue to release new prebuilt templates as part of the government package. Additionally, the Business Process Library has packages that span industries and categories such as construction, healthcare, accounting and finance, facilities management, human resources and records management. Users are also encouraged to participate in expanding the Business Process Library by submitting prebuilt templates or suggestions for templates that will be beneficial to other government users.

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