How Bryan ISD Transformed the Employee Onboarding Process

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Laserfiche Solution Contributed By John Rokenbrod, Software/Records Analyst; Jennifer Lemons, Director of Data Services; and Shay Sicinski, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Bryan Independent School District, located in Bryan, TX, has been providing quality public education since 1880. The district, which serves more than 16,000 students, has been renovating and adapting campuses over the past several years to ensure that the schools best serve student populations.

The district previously relied on a paper-driven employee onboarding process. During the district’s busiest period, the district onboards 300 new employees in three months. The process required eleven distinct forms for each licensed employee in addition to copies of documents like I-9 forms and driver licenses. As a result, the process of onboarding took up to an hour and thirty minutes as the new employee reviewed, completed and signed each form.

A paper routing sheet was used to track each employee through the hiring process. District staff made copies of the documents and stored them in the appropriate employee files. The paper workload required that the district hire temporary employees to file just HR documents.

Bryan ISD used Laserfiche Workflow and the Laserfiche app to transform the HR department as a whole. “HR estimates that it has reduced its annual staff costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to the previous paper process,” says John Rokenbrod, Software/Records Analyst at Bryan ISD.

Current Process

Since implementing Laserfiche, the onboarding process is nearly 100 percent paperless. The new process saves up to an hour and thirty minutes per employee, allowing employees to be onboarded almost instantly.

First, an HR staff member creates an employee folder within Laserfiche. Prior to orientation, an HR staff member emails the new employee a link to the onboarding forms located on a third party vendor site. This allows employees to complete forms whenever is most convenient, and allows district staff to contact employees prior to orientation to correct incomplete or incorrect forms.

The vendor sends newly completed forms to the district multiple times a day and Import Agent picks them up from a district server. Workflow stores these forms in a temporary folder where they are processed. An HR staff member verifies the content in the forms and changes the value of a metadata field to indicate where Workflow should route them. Workflow applies descriptive tags to the main folder, allowing staff to easily see which documents have been added.

Workflow automatically assigns a template and fills fields based on information entered by the employee on a third party human resource management site
Automatically assigned tags help HR staff members to easily see what forms an employee has submitted, even after the forms have been routed elsewhere

For documents that the district cannot create electronically (e.g. I-9 forms, driver’s licenses or certificates), the district uses the Laserfiche app on an iPad to take photos of the documents during the new employee’s on-site orientation.

Taking photos with the Laserfiche app allows documents to be instantly stored as digital content

These photos are stored in a separate Laserfiche folder due to different retention requirements. An integration with the district’s employee database allows many fields to be auto-populated, saving time for employees and ensuring that information is accurate.

Employee metadata is easily viewable for district staff

Workflow performs a lookup to the database using the employee ID number. The lookup allows Workflow to populate the first and last name metadata fields as well as other information that may exist in the system.

Workflow automates the process of onboarding, saving time for district staff
In order to streamline the process for a busy receptionist, the only field that must be populated manually is the employee ID number

Benefits of Laserfiche

According to Rokenbrod, “Since Bryan ISD began using Laserfiche as a repository, we have learned that Laserfiche is so much more – it provides a total solution for information processes, management, security and accessibility.”

Since implementing Laserfiche, the district has experienced the following benefits:

  • The district saves approximately $350,000 annually compared to the previous paper process
  • Onboarding orientation has been reduced from 90 minutes down to just seven
  • The district has converted three filing rooms into office space
  • Printing costs have been reduced by 33%
  • Information errors and incomplete forms are greatly reduced due to auto-populated electronic forms
  • Issues with forms are addressed prior to orientation as staff can easily view incorrect forms and contact new employees

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