How Cypress Fairbanks ISD Implemented 90% Paperless Employee Onboarding

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Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: John Crumbley, Director of Information Services and Applications, Dava Clark, Programmer/Analyst and Eric May, Assistant Director of Information Services and Applications, Cypress Fairbanks ISD

Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District (Cy-Fair) is the third largest district in Texas and the 22nd largest in the nation. Spanning 186 square miles and including 115,000 students across 86 campuses, the district employs 17,000 active employees, onboarding around 3,900 employees annually. Of those, 1,500 are onboarded in the period between June and August.

In the past, each new employee spent approximately thirty minutes filling out an onboarding packet that contained at least 27 pages. Many of the forms requested duplicate information. The new employee brought these documents to a contract signing session and the HR team collected them in a folder to be manually scanned into Laserfiche. Some of the pages had to be pulled out of each packet and walked over to payroll, where they were stored filed away in filing cabinets. In total, the whole process took 40 minutes per employee.

The district worked with its reseller, JPI Data Resource, to transition to Laserfiche Forms and Workflow in order to increase efficiency and eliminate paper. For new employees, the time to fill out paperwork has decreased 83%—from half an hour to five minutes. For Cy-Fair staff, the new automated onboarding process is 93% paperless and four times faster than the manual process.

Laserfiche Forms

Before the first day at work, a new employee is sent a link to the onboarding form along with an assigned employee ID. Once the employee enters the employee ID and Social Security number into the form, much of the information is prepopulated by a look up into the employee database. The employee can change any incorrect information and fill in any missing information.

New employees fill out the onboarding packet in Laserfiche Forms

The onboarding form is divided into different pages, with each page corresponding to a different document. The pages are dynamically displayed and vary according to the employee’s position. For example, a new employee in nutrition services must certify that they have a food handler’s license, whereas a new employee in transportation must upload a copy of a driver’s license.

The onboarding form is divided into tabs, with each corresponding to a different document type

One tab of the form is devoted to a list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions are accessible directly from one of the tabs in the form

If an employee attempts to submit the form without filling out all required fields, he will get a series of error messages indicating which questions still need to be answered.

All required fields must be filled out before the form can be submitted

Once the form is submitted, Laserfiche Workflow uses the provided information to fill out multiple PDF documents.

The section of the workflow that populates various PDF documents related to payroll

The electronic documents exactly mirror the previously used paper forms, ensuring that HR and payroll employees are familiar with the formatting.

One of the PDF documents filled out by Workflow

Workflow notifies the HR department of any new documents that need to be reviewed to ensure that they are filled out correctly. The HR representative then invites the employee to a contract signing session to sign the I9 form – the only form that has not yet been converted to an electronic form. Once the employee signs the form, the HR department updates the value of a metadata field which routes the documents to the employee’s folder in Laserfiche.

An employment contract is generated by a third party contract application, and once signed electronically, is archived directly in Laserfiche alongside the employee’s other documents. The payroll department also receives a notification with a link to any documents that the department may need to process, such as the W4 form. Once the forms are processed, an employee fills out the appropriate metadata field to archive them.

The metadata template applied to all HR documents

Benefits of Laserfiche

Automating the new employee onboarding process with Laserfiche has resulted in the following benefits for Cy-Fair:

  • The time to fill out new-hire paperwork has decreased from half an hour to five minutes.
  • The process of sorting the paperwork, scanning it, separating it and walking it to payroll has been decreased from 40 minutes down to five minutes.
  • Paper use has been reduced by 93%, and the district hopes to eliminate paper completely once the I9 process is automated.



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