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Whether you’re a value added reseller (VAR,) managed service provider (MSP,) or solution provider (SP,) Laserfiche offers a variety of ways to transform your revenue model to make it more flexible, resilient and lucrative.

However, not all resellers are the same. Neither are all industries. Depending on your organization’s needs and business model, Laserfiche may fit differently into your product portfolio and provide different revenue streams. Here are a few ways that can happen.

A subscription-based, one-stop enterprise solution

For deals where a customer needs a diverse set of functionality but wants the simplicity of using one platform, Laserfiche provides a powerful combination of functions important to any enterprise on a subscription basis, such as:

Records management

For customers in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, finance or government, Laserfiche provides a safe way to retain records, with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified records management and write-once-ready-many storage options. Audit trails, and the ability to notify employees when it’s time to dispose of records, may also be notable advantages to customers.

Document management

Increase transparency across the enterprise, with a centralized repository so users can always find what they need, when they need it. Version control, collaboration tools, and secure content sharing are also powerful selling points for customers wanting more consistency across their organization.

Business process automation

Enable customers to give employees more time to work on high-impact projects, while improving customer experience with a platform that streamlines business processes with automation. Customers can also use digital forms, analytics and code-free integration tools to further optimize processes and maximize efficiency.

As Laserfiche provides such a diverse range of functionality, a VAR, MSP or SP can gain additional revenues as customers expand their solutions to meet business needs, while customers can enjoy a platform that provides all their desired functionality in one place.

As Laserfiche is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, customers can pay through a subscription. This ensures a healthy recurring revenue stream for resellers, while providing customers with a product that is regularly updated.

Fill in solution gaps and close larger deals

Although capable on its own as an enterprise solution, Laserfiche can also act as an integrator and facilitator between other business applications, such as enterprise resource planning systems, fitting in easily as a component of any technology stack. This gives a VAR or SP the ability to take on larger, more lucrative contracts and projects, providing comprehensive solutions at scale to meet the needs of any customer.

Laserfiche also offers an extensive library of pre-configured solutions designed to meet the needs of a particular department or business unit. Some common use cases include:

Human resources

Simplifies employee onboarding and travel requests with digital forms and process automation.

Accounts payable

Leverages automation technology and artificial intelligence to streamline invoice matching and other tasks essential to keep the AP department moving.

Contract management

Routes contracts to the right people at the right time to improve turnaround times for stakeholder approvals.

With the flexibility to fit into any digital ecosystem, resellers offering Laserfiche only need to know how many users will be using the system to accurately price it and add it to a particular project or contract. Some of the roles Laserfiche can fill in these contracts may include:

  • Secure document storage in a centralized repository.
  • Integrate front-end applications with backend systems such as ERPs.
  • “Drop-in” solution for a particular department or business unit, such as HR or AP.

Earn more with recurring service revenue

MSPs looking to branch out into offering a software platform like Laserfiche can easily do so. As Laserfiche is offered as a SaaS platform, the revenue model is recurring, like other MSP offerings, providing consistent, healthy margins for any reseller offering it.

Offering a highly-configurable and flexible platform like Laserfiche also opens up the door to additional high-value service revenue, from support to maintenance, security, and cloud system migrations. MSPs looking to expand into new frontiers in managed IT can gain a powerful advantage from adding these services to their portfolio.

Overall, an MSP ready to add Laserfiche to their portfolio can expect new or additional revenues from software support, system maintenance, data storage, data backups, cloud services and cloud system migrations, deployment of self-hosted cloud environments, management of system and network infrastructure and security for networks and systems.

Join a global community of problem-solvers

However you decide to bring Laserfiche into your product portfolio, know that one of the most powerful advantages of adding the Laserfiche platform to your offerings is the Laserfiche community. Laserfiche Solution Providers can even learn how to implement or gain assistance with unfamiliar integrations or configurations from another reseller or directly from Laserfiche. Marketing resources are also available to resellers wanting to maximize lead generation efforts.

From online forums and training opportunities, to yearly conferences and exclusive assistance and support directly from Laserfiche, this vibrant community exists to help resellers succeed and increase revenues.

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