How the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health Automated HR Processes with Laserfiche

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Contributed by: Russell Torbett, Human Resources Officer and Elexis Hennigh, Hospital Informatics Manager, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health employs more than 1,000 people in multiple offices spread out over a wide area. This means that a large number of documents and files are processed and accessed regularly. Here is how the department has made almost all HR functions paperless by integrating Laserfiche with LincDoc.

Human Resources onboarding

Whenever a manager needs to hire an additional employee, he must submit a staffing request through an electronic staffing request form. This form is automatically saved in Laserfiche, where Laserfiche Workflow routes it through three different levels of approval (HR Director, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Health) before the position is opened. Here is what this workflow looks like:

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Once the position is approved, it is posted online. Applicants can apply by filling out an electronic job application form.


Once the form is submitted, it is saved in Laserfiche, where a template is applied and automatically populated. Here is what this template looks like:


Laserfiche Workflow routes the application to the Application Pool folder.


The hiring supervisor looks through the candidates and schedules the interviews. After the interviews, the hiring supervisor either recommends hiring the candidate or rejects the candidate. He signifies his decision by updating the value of a metadata field.

This action triggers Laserfiche Workflow to route the application through the various approvers. If a candidate is selected for the position, an email is generated and sent to all the other candidates notifying them that a selection has been made.

Here is what the folder structure looks like.


Travel Request Process

Another of the many processes that the human resources department has automated is the travel request process. This process works as follows:

  • An employee submits a travel request by filling out an electronic form, which is automatically saved in Laserfiche.
  • Laserfiche Workflow picks up the form and routes it to the Pending Approval folder, where it waits until it is reviewed and approved by multiple parties. Here is what this workflow looks like:
  • Once the travel request is approved, it moves to the Pending Processing folder, where it waits to be processed by the travel coordinator. Once processed, it is moved to the Pending Booking folder, where it waits for the hotel and flight information.
  • Once the flight and hotel have been booked, the travel coordinator changes the value of a field, which triggers Laserfiche Workflow to move the form into the Pending Advance folder.
  • Once a travel advance is delivered, the travel request is moved to the Pending Departure folder, where it stays until the employee’s departure date. Laserfiche Workflow regularly and automatically checks the departure date against the current date. On the departure date, the travel request is routed to the Currently Traveling folder. Here is what this workflow looks like:
  • Another workflow monitors the Currently Traveling folder. Once it finds that the travel return date has passed, it moves the travel request to the Awaiting Expense Report folder. Here is what this workflow looks like:
  • When the employee returns from his travel, he fills out an expense report online. Incoming expense reports are moved to the Incoming Expense ReportsPending Processing folder. Laserfiche Workflow also finds the corresponding travel request and creates a link between the two documents.
  • Once the expense report is processed, it is moved to the Expense ReportsAwaiting Approval folder, where it awaits approval for cutting a check.
  • Finally, the expense report is moved into the Pending Reconciliation folder. After it is reconciled, it is moved to the Complete folder.

Here is what the folder structure looks like:

Benefits of Laserfiche

Implementing Laserfiche at the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health has resulted in the following benefits:

  • If everyone is at their computer when the process kicks off, documents are approved in as little as five minutes. In the past, it would take at least a day just to send the document to the main office from another site. The whole approval process would take a week or more—even if everyone was in the office.
  • Managers can log into Laserfiche on any given day and quickly see how many employees are out travelling, where they are and when they’ll be back.
  • Before Laserfiche, if someone needed to look at an employee file, he would either have to come to the main office in person or get it delivered. Deliveries by courier would take up to three days. Today, authorized people can view that information instantaneously.

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