Laserfiche 9.1.1 Enables Distributed Computing

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Laserfiche is pleased to announce the simultaneous release of Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Rio 9.1.1, including the Server, Client, Laserfiche Web Access and Laserfiche Workflow in English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.

This includes a preview release of the Laserfiche Distributed Computing Cluster, as well as bug fixes and stability improvements for the Server, Client, Laserfiche Web Access, Laserfiche Web Accelerator and Laserfiche Workflow. In addition, this release bundles previously released service packs and hotfixes for Laserfiche 9.1.0.

Laserfiche Distributed Computing Cluster (known as Distributed Processing in its beta release last year) allows organizations to distribute the processing work for Laserfiche applications onto one or more machines dedicated to performing that work. As a result, Laserfiche applications are able to add features that require significant resources without increased load on the server. The Distributed Computing Cluster 9.1 preview release adds OCR-related features to Workflow and Web Access, and is included with Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante.

  1. Read What’s New in Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante 9.1 for more information about new features in the Laserfiche Server and Client, Laserfiche Web Access and Laserfiche Workflow.
  2. Read Getting Started with Laserfiche Distributed Computing Cluster 9.1 Preview for more information about the Distributed Computing Cluster preview release.
  3. Read the release notes and list of changes for Laserfiche Client and Server 9.1.1.
  4. Read the release notes and list of changes for Laserfiche Web Access 9.1.1.
  5. Read the release notes and list of changes for Laserfiche Workflow 9.1.1.
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