Laserfiche Congratulates the 2018 Top Digital Cities

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The Center for Digital Government has announced the winners of the 2018 Digital Cities Survey. The annual survey recognizes cities that have used technology solutions to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement. Once again, Laserfiche customers have been recognized as Top Digital Cities in all population cohorts.

These cities represent organizations that are redefining the role of IT in the public sector. Their forward-thinking initiatives—from innovative public/private partnerships to implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools—transcend “keep the lights on” mentality. These leading cities are proactively driving better experiences for citizens, while remaining good stewards of public resources.

The annual Digital Cities Survey gives municipalities the opportunity to showcase how they align technology with organizational goals and respond to key characteristics. The list of characteristics from the 2018 survey included the following:

  1. Open: Transparency/Open Data/Data Governance
  2. Citizen-Centric: Government Experience (Mobile, Engaged, Digital Service)
  3. Collaborative: Shared Services/Collaboration Initiatives
  4. Secure: Cybersecurity Measures/Initiatives
  5. Staffed/Supported: Hiring and Retaining Competent IT Personnel
  6. Connected: Broadband/Wireless Infrastructure
  7. Efficient: Data-driven; Budget/Cost Control
  8. Resilient: Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
  9. Innovative: Innovative Methods and New Technologies
  10. Best Practices

In an article about the survey, Government Technology points out that IT leaders in winning cities are continuously looking for ways to make government more efficient, more effective and more responsive to citizen needs. Survey results revealed the top ten technologies and initiatives which are likely to have an increased focus this year:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Citizen Engagement/Experience
  3. Hire and Retain Competent IT Personnel
  4. Transparency/Open Data/Data Governance
  5. Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
  6. Mobility/Mobile Applications
  7. Budget and Cost Controls
  8. Business Intelligence/Analytics
  9. Networking: Broadband and Connectivity
  10. Smarter Infrastructure/Internet of Things

Laserfiche congratulates this year’s Top Digital Cities for demonstrating the effective role technology plays in revolutionizing citizen services and in establishing strategic partnerships to achieve success.

Click here to read the full announcement.

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