Laserfiche Empower 2020: Day 3 and Day 4 Highlights

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Laserfiche Empower 2020 continued February 13-14 with inspiring customer keynotes, our Run Smarter® Awards ceremony and more exciting class sessions. Read on to learn about the highlights of day three and day four of Empower 2020.

The Run Smarter® Awards

During the general session on Thursday, Laserfiche recognized organizations that have embraced the digital transformation journey to create innovative, empowered workplaces with the Run Smarter Awards. The Laserfiche Run Smarter Awards honor organizations that go beyond expectations to improve productivity, innovate processes and achieve exceptional results with Laserfiche.

This year’s winners have deployed technology to achieve workplace efficiency and make an impact in the lives of their teammates and their clients.

In addition to Laserfiche-selected Run Smarter honorees, we introduced the first-ever Customers’ Choice Award, recognizing the merits and achievements of New Caney Independent School District!

Laserfiche also honored two outstanding individuals who have made a unique impact in their workplaces and communities through innovative technology. City of Santa Monica CIO, Joseph Cevetello, was presented with the Nien-Ling Wacker Visionary Award, commending his work in the city driving tech innovation to improve citizen services and improve sustainability as a smart city.

“Laserfiche founder Nien-Ling Wacker was a pioneer and an inventor who could identify what people needed often before they could see it for themselves,” said Chris Wacker, CEO of Laserfiche. “Joseph shares her visionary outlook, and is a prime example of how government leaders can leverage technology to go beyond everyday operations to innovating citizen services.” Learn more about City of Santa Monica’s digital transformation story here.

Aparna Mazumdar, senior general manager at Sun Pharmaceuticals Limited, was presented with the Tom Wayman Leadership Award, recognizing her work leading an organization-wide digital transformation with Laserfiche.

Since implementing Laserfiche in 2003, Sun Pharma has moved from digitizing 20 million records over two years to becoming a more competitive, efficient organization with Laserfiche automation tools. “Our objective is to provide quality, affordable healthcare globally…[with Laserfiche] we can make a difference, and we can make a difference in a positive way.”

Congratulations to all of the awardees at Empower 2020. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions you continue to develop in the coming year.

Inspiring Class Sessions

Class sessions continued throughout days three and four of Empower 2020, including the Government Leadership Symposium, informative lab sessions and an overview of what’s next in Laserfiche technology.

Government Leadership Symposium

The Government Leadership Symposium was a full house on Thursday at Empower 2020. Public sector leaders and business professionals learned the latest in civic innovation that is reshaping public sector service delivery for citizens, and obtained actionable insights to implement a successful digital transformation.

A few of the featured speakers included the CIO of the City of Santa Monica (and Visionary Award winner), Joseph Cevetello; the former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Jim McDonnell; CIO of the City of Pasadena, Phillip LeClair; and the CIO of the City of Long Beach, Lea Eriksen. The leaders and more shared their wisdom in sessions such as:

  • Strategic Visioning: Mobilizing & Connecting a Collaborative Workforce
  • Beyond the Hype: Making Smart Government a Reality
  • Tech Talk: Innovative Government Solutions and Success Stories

Empowering Classes

Empower 2020 featured a diverse array of sessions dedicated to Laserfiche product education, professional development, industry leadership and the exchange of innovative user solutions.

Some of the top-rated sessions included:

  • From Surviving to Thriving as an “Only” in Technology Leadership
  • Our Top Five Workflow Tools for Cultivating Digital Transformation
  • The Cloud Roadmap — Delivering Enterprise-Ready Solutions
  • Process Designer 106: Business Process Automation Workshop
  • Stringent Compliance Requirements? Meet Laserfiche Vault
  • Cybersecurity to Support Digital Transformation Goals
  • Three Keys to Effective Leadership in Changing Times
  • Beyond the First Win: Building on Digital Transformation Success

Coming Attractions in Laserfiche

Laserfiche director of product management, Justin Pava, shared an exciting preview of upcoming developments in Laserfiche technology during Empower 2020.

Pava expanded on product announcements made during Empower keynotes to provide a window into new functionality coming to the Laserfiche suite. Game-changing enhancements include:

  • Packaged solutions for vertical and horizontal business processes, such as opening new accounts in financial services, student enrollment in higher education and contract review in commercial organizations.
    • A solution wizard that enables users to create teams and set up job roles within the business process automation dashboard.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning to improve process automation within the Laserfiche suite, such as:
    • Smart capture.
    • Document classification.
    • Intelligent auto-redaction.
    • Personally identifiable information
    • Intuitive search.
    • Object recognition.
    • Natural language processing.
    • Topic analysis.
    • Video/audio transcription.
  • Targeted, out-of-the-box integrations such as:
    • Office offline:
      • Office offline browser editions, including Outlook.
      • SharePoint Online.
    • Ellucian Banner.
  • Low-code and no-code integrations:
    • Workflow integration activities.
    • Signing services.
    • Workflow bots.
    • Attended bots.
  • Full-code integrations:
    • Web APIs.
  • Layout designer:
    • Within Laserfiche Forms.
    • Can create templates.
  • Enterprise identity management:
    • Automated onboarding and management of large user bases.
  • Bulk data migration.

Learn more about the Laserfiche product suite here.

We had an amazing time at Laserfiche Empower 2020 with our Laserfiche community. We look forward to developing and supporting our innovative talented users throughout the coming year.

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