Laserfiche Mobile for Android Now Available

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Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Mobile 9.1 App and Add-On for Laserfiche Web Access in English. Laserfiche Mobile 9.1 includes a new app for Android devices. The Android app has many of the same features as the iOS apps as well as a widget that allows for quick upload of new documents.

This package includes the Laserfiche Mobile 9.1 add-on. This item will download a self-extracting executable containing the release package. The add-on and iOS app retain support for English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.The Android app currently only supports English. More languages will be supported in a later version.

Features for Android app:

  • Search across all documents in a repository.
  • Pan, zoom, rotate, and easily access metadata while working with a document in the Document Viewer.
  • Quickly create and upload new documents from your device’s camera, images in your device’s gallery and files stored on your device.
  • Full support for Laserfiche 9.0 Business Processes, including starting business processes and viewing their details.
  • Use personal libraries to create task lists or group related entries to make working with them faster and easier.
  • Add, edit and view entry metadata.
  • Process, clean up and compress captured documents for easier viewing.
  • Capture the geographic coordinates of an image to allow linking documents to their mapped location.
  • View and export PDFs and other electronic documents.
  • E-mail document or folder links to colleagues.
  • Manage documents using copy, move, rename and delete.
  • A variety of security options keep documents secure in Laserfiche and on your device.
  • Widget lets you quickly upload new documents and images.

Demo Mode for new users:

  • Users can register for a demo account using an existing e-mail address or Laserfiche Support Site account.
  • Users have their own repository to explore but cannot see or access documents from other users.

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