Laserfiche Renews Partnership with Human-I-T to Address the Digital Divide

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At Laserfiche, we believe that technology can drive positive change in the world. Since its inception, Laserfiche has prioritized serving its community, in part by partnering with incredible organizations to drive lasting impact.

COVID-19 brought many societal challenges to the forefront, and physical isolation has necessitated an increased reliance on technology. The pandemic broadened the digital divide, as device and reliable internet access are imperative to remote working and learning. Nearly 30 million Americans have poor or no access to the internet either because it is unaffordable or their area lacks the digital infrastructure, according to Diginomica.

In 2021, Laserfiche partnered with Human-I-T to help address the growing digital divide. Human-I-T’s mission is to increase equitable digital access through hardware, internet access and knowledge while protecting our planet. Laserfiche’s financial contribution helps Human-I-T operate and subsidize low-cost internet so that students can stay connected to their classrooms, continue learning and not fall behind. Human-I-T also donates or sells hardware at low cost to low-Income communities, families and individuals, veterans, and people with disabilities.

This year, Laserfiche is proud to continue our partnership, kicking off 2022 with a community e-waste drive, collecting technology for proper disposal, recycling or disposal or refurbishment. Throughout the years, Laserfiche has donated technology to communities to help bridge the digital divide, resulting in over 20,000 pounds of e-waste diverted from landfills since 2018. We look forward to continuing to work with Human-I-T to divert technology from landfills to protect our planet and to help close the digital divide.

Human I-T + Laserfiche. A Duo That's Driving Positive Change in the World Through Technology.

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