Last Page Identification in Laserfiche Quick Fields 9

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Laserfiche Quick Fields 9 has introduced some great functionality to help organizations capture information more efficiently. One of the coolest new features is Last Page Identification, which allows Laserfiche Quick Fields to determine which scanned page is the last page of the document. You can use Last Page Identification in conjunction with First Page Identification or on its own to easily identify where new documents should begin and where they should end.

Many folks identify the last page by using a Zone OCR activity to find a particular word or phrase that signals the last page of a document. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could not only identify the last page, but also pull tokens from the Zone OCR activity and use them in your metadata? Guess what? You can!

Though it’s not immediately obvious, it’s actually pretty easy to do!

Right-click the Post-Processing node in the Session Configuration pane and add a conditional expression (also a new feature to Laserfiche Quick Fields 9). This conditional expression specifies a set of conditions that need to be true for the Conditional Processes to run. Specify a condition that says “Token (Page) equals %(Page Count)”, like so:

The %(Page Count) token equals the total number of pages. When “Token (Page) equals the %(Page Count)”, Laserfiche Quick Fields runs the Conditional Processes on the last page.

Once you have set up your Zone OCR activity in your Last Page Identification node, you can right-click and copy the Zone OCR process. Then right-click your Conditional expression and paste the copy of the Zone OCR process underneath the Conditional expression. Without any other processes, the final result should look something like this:

Since the process is “within” the Conditional expression, the copy of the Zone OCR is now a Conditional Process that only runs when the Conditional expression is satisfied. In other words, the copied Zone OCR will only run on the last page, and thus, create tokens for the information that was captured using the Zone OCR on the last page.

Check out our Quick Fields 9.0 White Paper or Help Files for more information regarding Laserfiche Quick Fields and Last Page Identification.

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