Show Your Laserfiche Pride with Our New Desktop Wallpapers

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  • Information Technology

One of the best things about the Laserfiche community is the passionate, inspiring and orange-hued Laserfiche pride. From Empower-themed manicures to Disneyland takeovers, our users are not afraid to share their love of Laserfiche.

That’s why for Valentine’s Day this year, we created four fun Laserfiche wallpapers that you can display on your desktop. Each image comes in two sizes and you can download them instantly using the links below.

Thanks for being the best users we could ever ask for! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Laserfiche Wallpaper 1: Superhero

Download: 1600×1000 | 1600×900

Laserfiche Wallpaper 2: Dinosaur


Download: 1600×1000 | 1600×900

Laserfiche Wallpaper 3: Keyboard


Download: 1600×1000 | 1600×900

Laserfiche Wallpaper 4: Mouse

Download: 1600×1000 | 1600×900

Want to see Laserfiche love in motion? Check out our Valentine’s video featuring CPP fish, conversation candy hearts and a sweet message from Laserfiche.

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