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The Laserfiche Empower Conference has always been an opportunity for our customers and partners to share ideas and build relationships with Laserfiche executives, developers and staff. Empower 2021 will be no different, but the experience will be a bit unlike than what you’re used to.

Like our products, we’re taking Empower to the Cloud! Empower 2021 is going to be a fully virtual event, taking place February 22-26, 2021 in an online environment that will enable us to provide you with engaging content, networking, discussion and experiences.

Whether you’re connecting to Empower from your home or your office, you’ll be able to access the best of Empower, no travel required!

  • Inspirational and insightful keynotes from industry thought leaders and Laserfiche executives
  • Educational breakout sessions from Laserfiche customers, partners and experts on solutions, trends and product features
  • One-on-one product training labs, just like you love in-person
  • A virtual exhibit hall with booths and product information from strategic industry partners
  • Access to the Info Center for 1:1 product demos, UX testing and information on Laserfiche community resources
  • Networking, fun and entertainment
  • A library of on-demand product training sessions, so you can learn at your own pace – and keep learning as your skills grow

While we won’t be together in Long Beach, you’ll still get all the insights and inspiration you’ve come to value Empower for!

Why Is Empower Going Virtual?

2020 has forced all of us to change and adapt – in ways that are often uncomfortable. Many of us are working remotely for the first time. Some of us are managing virtual teams. Our work has changed in ways we couldn’t have predicted at Empower in February 2020. But, in crisis there is opportunity. At Laserfiche, we’ve been rethinking how we can better meet your needs. How can we bring Empower to our customers and partners with limited travel budgets, with growing training needs, or who are outside North America? As a technology innovator, how can we innovate using technology to connect our global community?

Making Empower 2021 a fully virtual event enables us to accommodate customers and partners under travel restrictions – and has the added benefit of enabling us to expand Empower outside our immediate community.

Who’s Invited to Empower?

For the first time, we are opening Empower to more than just Laserfiche customers and partners. Any IT or business leader who is interested in learning how Laserfiche products can help improve customer or citizen services, streamline critical processes or support a remote workforce is welcome to attend. Or, if you’d like to learn more about COVID-19 solutions that can help maintain business continuity, protect revenue streams or manage reopening, you’re welcome to join us at Empower.

We’re also expanding our virtual exhibit hall, bringing in sponsors who can help you work more effectively in changing circumstances, whether that’s through association membership, hardware, software or professional services. Interested in being a part of Empower? Let’s talk.

What Will the Agenda Be Like?

While it will still be five days long, the Empower agenda will look a little different than in years past. This year, we’ll be offering two days of keynotes and breakout sessions and three days of hands-on training. Worried about missing all the networking and connections you make in Long Beach? Don’t! We’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to mingle with your #FicheFriends, from user groups to Development Q&As and more.

Monday, Feb 22 Tuesday, Feb 23 Wednesday, Feb 24 Thursday, Feb 25 Friday, Feb 26
Labs Keynotes Keynotes Labs Labs
Breakout Sessions Breakout Sessions
Networking Networking
Exhibitor Hours Exhibitor Hours
Info Center Info Center
Run Smarter Awards Party

Our digital experience will be different from years past, so be prepared for content for multiple styles of learning, with some of your favorites returning and some new ones added to the agenda. Stay tuned for what’s coming – we have some exciting content planned to inspire you and help you learn!

What Key Topics Will We Be Covering?

At Empower, we will be talking about four key topics that will impact how you reimagine the possibilities of work:

  • Digital Transformation – Digital transformation remains a hot topic. How can you use Laserfiche to transform vital processes, drive change and deliver results? Once you’ve done that, learn ways to connect Laserfiche to strategic goals, and communicate the results of your transformation efforts to your boss, your executive team or your city council.
  • Technology – Cloud, hybrid, mobile, bots, AI and machine learning – they’re all hot topics in the Laserfiche community, but what do they mean for you? How can you use this new technology to reduce the burdens of your workday and prepare you to be more resilient in the face of unforeseen change?
  • Leading Through Change – If 2020 has show us anything, it’s that change is tough. Whether you’re personally struggling to adapt, you’d like to learn more about how to support diversity and equity at work or in your community, or your organization is having a difficult time adjusting to changing circumstances, at Empower, you’ll learn leadership skills that can help.
  • Success Stories from Our Community – Laserfiche customers have always been called on to deliver results in inspirational and impactful ways. How have members of our community changed course due to the pandemic? Their success stories will inspire you with new ideas and leave you with actionable takeaways.

Call for Presentations is Open Now!

If you’re a Laserfiche customer or partner, you are invited to submit an idea you’d like to present in a breakout session. These sessions are opportunities for you to share some of the innovative ways you leverage Laserfiche solutions to address an internal process, navigate a regulatory challenge, or improve the customer or citizen experience.

Looking for some ideas? To get your wheels turning, here are some things you can focus on:

  • Using Laserfiche to Manage COVID-19 Response
  • Connecting Laserfiche to Current Challenges, Regulatory Mandates or Strategic Goals
  • Successfully Managing Change
  • Cloud Readiness and Migration from a Self-Hosted System
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Submit your ideas here.

Register for Empower 2021.

We can’t wait to see you in February!

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