Tech Tip: Annotation Pane Columns

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In the desktop Laserfiche Client, the Annotation Pane in the Document Viewer enables users to view and manage annotations that have been applied to a document. Users can jump to a specific annotation, sort them in a particular order and delete them all from one list.  It is also possible to add or remove annotation columns. Adding columns enables users to see additional information about each annotation in the list without having to navigate to and open each annotation individually.

For example, a user can add the Comment column and see all the comments associated with the annotations in the list without having to open each annotation’s properties dialog box. To add columns to the Annotation Pane, a user can right-click on any visible column and select the desired columns to display from the list that appears.

2013-01-21 - Annotation Pane Columns

To learn more about the Annotation Pane, please read the Annotation Pane section of the Laserfiche help files.

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