Tech Tip: Laserfiche Client 8.3 Shortcuts—Passing Information Through the Command Line

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  • Document & Records Management

Laserfiche desktop shortcuts can be customized to link you directly into your Laserfiche system, and they can also be tailored to access specific areas in your repository. This allows you and your customers to work faster.

Shortcuts can contain login credentials and can target repositories, folders or documents. In addition, you can create a shortcut that will open Laserfiche and run a specific search. This information is stored in the Target field of a Windows shortcut.

Before customizing your shortcut, decide how you want to access your repository. Do you want to link into a specific repository or a specific folder? Does it make sense for Laserfiche to run a specific search every time you login? Or maybe you want to bypass the Login window? Once you have decided on the criteria for customizing your shortcut, you can begin configuring your command line parameters.

To add a command line parameter:

  • Right-click on any Laserfiche Client shortcut that links to your LF.exe file and select Properties.
  • At the end of the Target field, input the command line parameter.
  • Click OK.

Example: George wants to quickly access entries that are owned by him and that have been assigned a “Draft” tag. By using the –S command line parameter, George can customize his Laserfiche Client shortcut so that when he logs in to any of his available repositories, he can quickly view the documents that meet his criteria:

Target: “C:Program FilesLaserficheClientLF.exe”
Search syntax: ({LF:Tags=”Processed”}) & ({LF:Owner=”George”})
Modified Target: “C:Program Files (x86)LaserficheClient 8LF.exe”
-S”({LF:Tags=”Processed”}) & ({LF:Owner=”George”})”

Tip: Easily obtain search syntax by performing a search in the Laserfiche Client, copy the search syntax from the Advanced field of the Search Pane and use it for this command line parameter.

Customize the Laserfiche Client shortcut with the following flags:

-S-S”SearchQuery”Opens and runs the search criteria.
-W-WUses Windows Authentication as login credentials.
-L-L”RepositoryName”Opens the specified repository.
-EentryIDOpens the specified entry upon login. Must be used with the –L parameter.


Note: Escape quotes in command line parameters by using a backslash.

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