Tech Tip: Laserfiche Forms Variables

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By Eric Cressey
Technical Writer

In Laserfiche Forms, variables are incredibly useful. Once mastered, variables unlock the potential for dynamically delivered content and informed email notifications.

So, what is a variable? Variables store information. When a user starts a process, the submission date, user’s name, instance ID and more are stored as process variables. Likewise, every field has an associated variable. So, when a user submits a form, the field information for that specific instance is saved in variables.

Variables can also act like tokens. Before a process begins, variables can be used as placeholders for the values they will eventually contain. Used in forms, variables make it possible to control exactly what submitted information is shown to other participants in a business process. For example, if a form submission contains sensitive information that a reviewer should not see, variables can be used to present the reviewer with only the information he needs.

Used in process models, variables make it possible to create dynamic routing decisions and useful email notifications. For example, if a form submission should be routed based on a field value, the variable for that field can be used in a gateway’s conditional expression to create this routing decision.

To see examples of variables used in the Form Designer and Process Modeler, watch this two-part tutorial:

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