Tech Tip: New Activities in Workflow 8.3.1

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Workflow 8.3.1 has five new activities that extend its out-of-the-box functionality, making it even easier to automate all aspects of your business processes. These activities let you annotate documents, edit metadata and integrate with SharePoint® sites.

Add Text Box

This activity adds a text box to documents a workflow is processing. You can configure the text box’s appearance, position and protection. You can also use tokens to make the box’s text dynamic and relevant to the current situation.

Example: The marketing department uses a text box to keep a record of who satisfied each wait condition for a document as it goes through a workflow. They place an Add Text Box activity after each wait condition with the text “%(WaitforEntryChange_User Name) met condition xyz on %(Date).” They configure each activity to add a text box in the same spot and use the Append Text merging option so that all updates appear in one box.

Apply Stamp

With the Apply Stamp activity, you can add a public stamp to a document. The activity lets you configure the stamp’s appearance, position and protection level. You can also use tokens to specify which stamp you want to use.

Example: Job applications are routed to team managers. If the team manager approves the application, an Apply Stamp activity stamps the “Approved” stamp at the top of the application. If the team manager denies the application, an Apply Stamp activity stamps the “Denied” stamp at the top of the application.

Append List Field Choices

The Append List Field Choices activity lets you add one or more values to a list field. The activity edits the list field in the Laserfiche Administration Console so the field has additional choices. These added choices are then available anywhere the list field is used.

Note: This activity differs from the Assign Field Values activity in that it permanently changes the choices available in a list field. The Assign Field Values activity just lets you choose an existing value in the field.

Example: A workflow processes the paperwork for new hires. Once the employee’s forms are filed, this activity adds the new employee to the “Employees” list field. The employee’s name will now always appear as an option in the “Employees” field’s drop-down menu.

Create List Item

The Create List Item activity allows Workflow to seamlessly integrate with a SharePoint site by adding an item to a SharePoint list.

Example: After each month’s meeting agenda is approved (the agenda is a PDF form), a series of Create List Item activities create action items and deadlines on the company’s SharePoint site.

Delete List Item

This activity deletes a SharePoint list item that was created with the Create List Item activity earlier in a workflow.

Example: When a work order is submitted, a Create List Item activity creates an action item on the company’s SharePoint site. After the work order is processed and completed, a Delete List Item activity removes the action item by the Create List Item activity.

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