Tech Tip: New Features in Office Integration with Microsoft Outlook

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Laserfiche 9.0 will expand and enhance the Laserfiche Office Integration’s interaction with Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to being able to send e-mails to your Laserfiche repository from Outlook, and attach Laserfiche documents directly to e-mails you are sending, you can also now save to your currently-open folder in the Laserfiche Client, or save attachments to Laserfiche without including the associated e-mail message.

Sending e-mails directly to your currently-open folder allows you to quickly save multiple e-mails to the correct location without having to select your folder and repository each time.  Simply select the e-mail or e-mails you want to send and click Save to Folder.  The e-mails will be imported into whatever folder you have open in the Laserfiche Client.

In previous versions of Laserfiche, attachments could be saved to the repository only along with their originating message.  In many cases, however, you may not need the e-mail. For instance, if someone is sending a report to you for review, the e-mail itself may not have important content. You can skip importing the e-mail and send only the attachment by selecting the message and then clicking Save Attachments to Laserfiche.

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