Tech Tip: Preventing Unauthorized Access to Your Repository through Laserfiche Mobile

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If you are concerned about unauthorized users recovering a lost mobile device and accessing your documents, there are two settings you can configure to prevent this issue and keep your repository secure.

Administrators can disable automatic repository login via Laserfiche Mobile. Turning off automatic login forces users to enter their password every time they access Laserfiche Mobile and prevents users from logging in when “Remember me” is enabled.

Administrators can also prevent users from exporting electronic documents from Laserfiche Mobile to other apps on their mobile device, which ensures that mobile devices will not store local copies of documents from your repository.

To turn off automatic login:

  • Open the WebAccessConfig.xml file using any text editing program (e.g., Notepad), by navigating to <install_dir>LaserficheWeb Access 8Web FilesConfig.
  • Add the line <iPhoneSettings DisableAutoLogin=”true” />  to the root of the file.
  • Save and close the WebAccessConfig.xml file.

To disable exporting electronic documents to other applications:

  • Open the WebAccessMobileConfig.xml file using any text editing program (e.g., Notepad), by navigating to C:Program FilesLaserficheWeb Access 8Web. FilesConfigWebAccessMobileConfig.xml.
  • On the line that says <DisableExports>false</DisableExports> replace false with true.
  • Save and close the WebAccessMobileConfig.xml file.
  • Reset IIS.

Note: Be sure to back up your configuration files before changing them.

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