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Coming soon, the Web Access Office Integration will allow users to take advantage of Laserfiche features when working with Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Outlook messages in their native Microsoft Office applications. Using the Office Integration, you can quickly send files to Laserfiche directly from Office applications, update electronic documents already in your repository from within their native Office applications and easily attach Laserfiche documents to Microsoft Outlook e-mails.

Unlike other types of electronic documents, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents opened with the Office Integration in Web Access do not need to be downloaded before you can open them, and they do not need to be re-uploaded to save your changes. Instead, with Office Integration, they will open automatically. You can then make changes to both the document itself and its metadata. Using the Web Access Office Integration avoids the situation where a user downloads an Office document, misplaces it and cannot check it back in to the repository.

[section-header] Installing the Office Integration with Web Access[/section-header]

  • In Web Access, open any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.
  • If the Laserfiche Office Integration has not yet been installed, the Install Office Plugin dialog will open.
  • Click Click Here to Download to begin the download.Note: If you instead click Click here to export the document without using the Office plugin, the document will open without installing the Office Integration. It will behave like any other electronic document.
  • You may be prompted to save or run the file. If you run the file, the Laserfiche Office Integration 9.0 Setup will run automatically when the download is complete. If you choose to save it instead, you will need to launch the installation manually.
  • When the installation is complete, the Microsoft Office application will automatically load and display the file you selected.

Once the Laserfiche Office Integration has been installed, it will automatically be loaded whenever you open Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. It doesn’t matter whether you launch these Office applications by opening an electronic document in the repository or externally from Laserfiche. The Office Integration will be available to use in both cases.

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