Tech Tip: Securing Information Inside a Document

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By Sierra Jahoda
Technical Writer

Laserfiche offers a myriad of methods for securing content. Often, documents with sensitive information are secured via entry access rights and/or security tags. However, when documents contain sensitive information but should otherwise be made available to a general audience, different security measures must be used. Laserfiche redactions are a flexible solution for managing sensitive information within a non-secured document.

Redactions are annotations placed on certain sections of a document that prevent that specific area from being viewed by unauthorized users. These annotations can cover entire pages, paragraphs, or certain words, and administrators can determine who can, or cannot, see through redactions on a folder-by-folder or document-by-document basis.

Redactions in Laserfiche can be either black or white. Black redactions indicate the presence and extent of secured content, which may be required in certain situations. For example, in the document below, the licensee’s home address has been redacted and it is clear that non-pertinent information has been removed from the resolution.

In opposition, white redactions blend into the page and obscure the extent of the redaction. This enhances the safety of sensitive information by helping to hide the degree to which content was redacted. For example, in the document below, it is unclear what, if anything, has been redacted from the original content.

Learn more about redactions in Laserfiche by visiting the Laserfiche online help files.

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