Tech Tip: Shortcuts to the Laserfiche Client

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Laserfiche desktop shortcuts can be created directly from within Windows, without any customization, by holding CTRL + SHIFT and dragging the document, folder or shortcut out of Laserfiche and into Windows. However, in some cases, you may want to customize a shortcut to link to or do something specific in your repository.

For example, you may start each day with a specific search for all documents assigned the “Not Processed” tag. Using your domain account, you can customize a shortcut to log into the Client and perform the search immediately. Or maybe you need to open to a specific page of a specific document; shortcuts can be customized to do this as well.

Syntax for a shortcut that logs into the Client and performs a specific tag search:

<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’Unicode’?>


          <repository name=’MyRepository’ domainauth=’y’>

                    <search phrase='({LF:Tags=&quot;Not Processed&quot;})’ />



To learn how to create and customize Laserfiche Client shortcuts, see customizing .lfe shortcuts in the Laserfiche User Guide help files.

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