Tech Tip: What’s New in Laserfiche Workflow 9.0.2

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By Sarah Seene
Technical Writer

Laserfiche 9.0.2 is now available! As a component of this release, Laserfiche Workflow boasts a variety of new activities and features designed to make workflows more flexible and powerful than ever before. With activities that connect to and update websites, new business process functionality and the ability to schedule OCR jobs, Laserfiche Workflow 9.0.2 provides tools to automate real-world processes from start to finish.

Many of these features were developed around suggestions we received at the Empower 2013 conference. We look forward to more suggestions in the future!

Highlights of the Workflow 9.0.2 release:

  • The HTTP Web Request and HTTP Form Post activities integrate workflows with any website that provides an API. Using these activities, Workflow can retrieve information from websites, post to websites and fill out web forms.
  • The business process activities Update Step Instructions and Update Step Due Date provide increased flexibility when configuring business processes. With these activities, the instructions and due dates shown to users can change mid-step.
  • Workflow can now remove document relationship links between documents.
  • The Generate Web Access URL activity, in addition to creating URLs for entries, now can create URLs for search results as well.
  • New conditions let Workflow start, route and wait based on entry ID, stamp name, annotation text, version control status, how many entries are in a folder and more.
  • The Token Editor provides a variety of options for editing tokens. This release introduces new token functions that average, sum, remove duplicates from and remove empty items from multi-value tokens. Other functions split single-value tokens to multi-value tokens, convert token text to title case and encode tokens to a URI friendly format.
  • Database Maintenance Timers allow administrators to configure schedules for removing excess data from the Workflow database. Periodically cleaning up the database ensures that Workflow Servers are working at maximum efficiency.
  • The Run Current Workflow feature now includes an option to track token and cookie values when testing workflows. These values appear in the instance details without a Track Token activity being added to the workflow.
  • The Schedule OCR activity sends documents to be OCRed in the course of a workflow. This functionality requires the Laserfiche Distributed Processing 9.0 Beta.

To download Laserfiche 9.0.2 and Workflow 9.0.2, please visit the Laserfiche Support Site. You can read more information about each topic in the Workflow online help files.

For a complete list of new features, see KB 1013200.

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