The Easiest Way to Get Coworkers to Stick to Approval Deadlines

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One of the most common questions we receive is how to better manage approval procedures among coworkers and between departments.

It’s a familiar scene in any office: You send a document or request around for review and it ends up in a black hole of forwarding, inaction or competing priorities. Eventually, you’re spending more time following up on the status of the document than completing work on time!

A faster way to get a coworker or reviewer to meet your deadline? Tell his boss.

In this video, one of our presales engineers, Jason, shows you how to fix recurring approval delays with a simple escalation workflow. Using contracts as an example, he demonstrates how to set up straightforward reminders after periods of inactivity and automatically escalate bottlenecks to supervisors.

Setting and Enforcing Approval Deadlines with Laserfiche Workflow

Of course, you don’t have to auto-email someone’s boss if they are behind on a task—you could send reminders to the next reviewer or a project manager instead—but this workflow is a quick fix to keep everyone updated and accountable throughout a multi-step approval process.

After all, the scapegoat probably isn’t so-and-so in the billing department who isn’t responding to you—it’s the lack of streamlined, systematic control over the approval process at whole. Watch the video for a step-by-step outline of how to automate every approval step.

To see more simple workflows that can streamline repeatable, everyday tasks, check out “Laserfiche Workflow Made Easy.”


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