The Future is Bright: Laserfiche Helps Students Conceptualize Ways to Improve the Community with AI

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Students at Whittier Elementary School in Long Beach, California, recently completed Iridescent’s AI Family Challenge sponsored by Laserfiche. The 15-week program invited students and their families to learn about artificial intelligence (AI), and how to develop AI-based solutions to solve real-world problems.

The first five sessions of the program were dedicated to hands-on design challenges that introduced AI concepts in a fun and approachable way. During these workshops, students learned how to build machines such as a “no wire” circuit, a safe stopping robot, and a parallel processing machine.


#LaserficheCares volunteers help Whittier Elementary students strategize an AI concept to help solve a community problem.


The remaining 10 sessions focused on learning about AI, and conceptualizing and planning an AI solution to solve a problem in the students’ community. During these sessions, students were prompted to identify the problem, build a prototype that would use AI to solve the problem, and then finally create a pitch to introduce and support the project. Many students went a step further and built machines based on their concepts.


Kingston Arellano, student at Whittier Elementary, presents his SB (Submarine Boat) to Vice Mayor of Long Beach Dee Andrews, and Karl Chan, president of Laserfiche.


 “Iridescent’s AI Family Challenge aligns with Laserfiche’s vision to inspire people to reimagine how technology can transform lives,” said Karl Chan, president of Laserfiche. “AI is impacting every industry and every part of the world, and is really driving the future. Computer science literacy will continue to grow in importance for future generations, so we are grateful for the opportunity to play a part in sparking innovative thinking for these kids.”


Whittier Elementary students presented their final AI concepts to Iridescent leadership, Whittier Elementary teachers, #LaserficheCares volunteers, and Vice Mayor of Long Beach Dee Andrews.


#LaserficheCares is dedicated to empowering people, organizations and communities through innovative technology.

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