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Laserfiche was founded by Nien-Ling Wacker, a woman who began her career building custom solutions out of her home in the 1970s. She grew her business into the world’s leading ECM software company, which works to enable the digital workplace of the future. Today, she is recognized as a visionary leader and a pioneer in her field.

This March, the U.S. will celebrate Women’s History Month. To celebrate, Laserfiche will highlight some of the employees that have been inspired by Nien-Ling’s legacy.

Tiffany Kuo is the associate counsel at Laserfiche and has been with the company for over a year. In her role, Tiffany reviews, structures, drafts and provides legal counsel on technology-related transactions and also develops policies and procedures for the organization’s internal programs in accordance with federal and global laws. Read on to learn more about Tiffany and what inspired her to work in the tech industry.

1. How did you become interested in a career in technology? Have you always worked in tech, or did you transfer from another industry?

Technology has always been my best friend. I used to play competitive eSports and all my hobbies included video gaming. My dad was a software engineer and advancements in medical technology have significantly improved my health and provided the ability for me to walk again. In that sense, I have always had a wide breadth of interest in technology.

I focused my legal career in intellectual property law so I could provide legal protection and help foster innovation to new technologies, because emerging technology has always been a source of inspiration for me.

Tiffany Kuo is the Associate Counsel at Laserfiche.
Tiffany Kuo is the Associate Counsel at Laserfiche.

2. During your time at Laserfiche, what are some of the projects or achievements of which you are most proud?

Many people ask me what I do as in-house counsel in the software technology industry. In general, most attorneys will focus their practice in specific areas. In-house counsel is a general term for attorneys who work closely with the company’s internal teams and provide specific legal advice based on the department being served. My role as in-house counsel is to handle legal matters related to technology while also offering counsel on a variety of unique legal issues. I am very proud to provide such legal assistance to all of Laserfiche’s departments so that we can continue to grow as a leading ECM company.

3. What advice would you give to other women who are interested in joining the tech industry? What about if they have no experience or formal education in technology?

Take the time to explore various technology industries as much as possible. Take every opportunity to learn skills that you are passionate about, not just science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Find what excites you and forge your own path because as the information technology age grows, so do the many potential opportunities, from business to product development.

No matter your experience level, do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions and to explore other areas that interest you. You will never grow or learn if you aren’t bold enough to ask questions that will expand your knowledge. Also, Google is your friend.

4. What is the best career advice you have ever received?

“Do not go to law school.” Just kidding! The best career advice I have ever received was to do what I believe in and be honest with my feelings—which is advice I wish I followed before I was three years into pharmaceutical studies and then decided to follow my heart and go to law school.

5. If you could spend a day with any woman in history, who would it be and why?

I would like to spend a day with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg because of her inspirational story of beating the odds that led her to a seat on the highest court in the land. While winning countless legal victories, Justice Ginsburg raised her children, encountered work discrimination and helped extend equal protection rights provided by the Constitution to women for the first time. Even when battling non-legal forces, such as cancer, chemotherapy, and many surgeries, Justice Ginsburg never missed a day on the bench and went on to become a personal trainer. Drawing from her strength motivates me as a young female attorney.


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