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Laserfiche Spark is the largest and most anticipated Laserfiche virtual event of the year. On July 23, attendees from all over the world will tune in to the live webcast to learn from Laserfiche product experts, hear inspiring user stories, and gain insight on industry trends and Laserfiche tips and tricks.


In anticipation of #LaserficheSpark, we’re sharing a few details about the eleven expert-led courses we’re offering during the webcast.

Here’s what to expect from the exclusive Laserfiche Spark sessions:

Welcome – Why We Create Software People Love to Use

Karl Chan, President and CTO, Laserfiche

Laserfiche President and CTO Karl Chan will welcome Spark attendees with an overview of the webcast, and will share a bit about our mission and values at Laserfiche. Join in to learn why “we create software people love to use”!

Three Steps to Building a Digital Culture

Melissa Henley, Director of Customer Experience, Laserfiche

Grasping the need for digital transformation can be a challenge, especially if nothing seems to be wrong—yet organizational culture is one of the main barriers to transformation. In this session, learn techniques to drive change in your organization, including breaking down silos, collaborating more successfully and measuring the results of your success.

Get Started Automating Your Processes

Anita Chiang, Senior Presales Engineer, Laserfiche

Automation can be overwhelming—you might not know where to begin or whether or not you’re on the right track. This session will help you break down your automation project into manageable steps.

Build a Business Process You Can Report On

Yin Seo, Technical Product Manager, Laserfiche

Are you struggling to create meaningful metrics and reports? Is the data you need siloed in various separate applications? Does it feel like reporting is always the “next phase” of your project? This session provides a quick look at how Laserfiche can help you build reporting into your business processes.

Facilitating Growth: Accelerating HR Processes with Forms and Workflow Automation

Dr. Duana Kindle, Managing Director of Human Resources, Frisco ISD

Anna Koenig, Managing Director of Human Resources, Frisco ISD

As organizations grow, they must centralize data from siloed systems into one platform to gain business intelligence. Learn how Frisco ISD, one of the fastest growing public school districts in the nation, used Laserfiche to drive that growth by replacing legacy systems and automating Human Resources processes.

Leave the Busywork to the Bots

Cosette Dwyer, Technical Product Manager, Laserfiche

At Empower 2018, we introduced the concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), an innovative, no-code technology which can automate manual, repetitive data entry tasks. Discover the results from our recent RPA preview, including the most popular ways the Laserfiche community used software robots to boost productivity.

Coming Soon – The New Laserfiche Interface

Karen Schneider, Director of User Experience Design, Laserfiche

Providing a superior user experience has long been an important focus for Laserfiche software. As part of these efforts, we’re developing a new, streamlined user experience to access Laserfiche, bringing all Laserfiche-related work and content into one centralized view. This session will provide a sneak peek at upcoming features!

A First Look at the New Laserfiche-Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Ian McCready, Technical Product Manager, Laserfiche

It’s our goal to simplify your experience as a user and allow you to use and edit office documents seamlessly while working with Laserfiche. In this session, you’ll find out how Laserfiche is designing and developing integrations with Microsoft Office 365.

Simplify Compliance with New Flexible Records Management

Justin Pava, Senior Principal Product Manager, Laserfiche

Laserfiche has provided industry-leading Records Management capabilities for over a decade, but there’s always room to grow and enhance. Laserfiche 10.4 brings the largest update to Records Management functionality since its initial release, allowing organizations to organize, manage, and work with records in the way that works best for them.

The Future of Learning: An Introduction to Laserfiche Aspire

Valen Anderson, Instructional Designer, Laserfiche

In this session, you’ll get a sneak peek at Laserfiche’s upcoming learning platform, Aspire. This new system will store all of your learning resources and tools in one easily accessible place.

Five Trends that Will Shape the Future of Work

Brandon Buccowich, Product Marketing Manager, Laserfiche

The future of work is a hot topic, with conflicting information from various experts leaving plenty of room for debate around what impact automation technology like artificial intelligence and robotics will have on your office. Learn how Laserfiche is helping you get ready, with machine learning to help automate and streamline processes and document management; new collaboration tools and technologies; and advanced automation tools.


Laserfiche is constantly evolving, innovating, and empowering users and their organizations to do more of the work that matters. We’re excited to share our latest updates, coming features and industry news with you during Laserfiche Spark!

Laserfiche Spark will be live on July 23, in three different time zones:

Los Angeles: July 23, 2019 at 10 AM PT

London: July 23, 2019 at 12 PM GMT

Hong Kong: July 24, 2019 at 9 AM HKT


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