A parts manufacturer that builds custom valves for the energy, aerospace and defense industries, CIRCOR Pibiviesse is required to maintain documentation, monitor production cycles and comply with more than 400 industry standards across multiple departments and facilities.

Read this case study to learn how CIRCOR Pibiviesse uses Laserfiche to:

  • Maintain valve documentation in a centralized repository that is accessible across staff, departments and facilities
  • Comply with more than 400 stringent manufacturing standards that were notorious for halting the production cycle
  • Dramatically increase customer satisfaction by delivering 100% of its documentation on time

“With Laserfiche, we’ve implemented an efficient process that ensures follow up at different levels of the enterprise and stages of the production process. The flexibility of the software allows us to monitor and control our business processes while better serving our customers.”

– Ivan Fantin, Continuous Improvement Manager, CIRCOR Pibiviesse

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