Never miss a vendor payment again.

5 Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

When it comes to accounts payable, the average cost by a company to pay a single invoice is more than $10. Any missing field, exception or unattached PO can snowball into major delays, leaving your vendors in a lurch and you on the phone to sort it all out.

You may wish for a better way to prioritize PO-based invoices or envision a world without data entry errors, but that doesn’t mean your coworkers and bosses will be keen on changing up invoice processing.

Your inefficient, paper-burdened accounts payable process is crying out for change—the challenge is getting everyone to listen.

In this free eBook, you’ll get the five essential steps to follow when moving from a manual AP process to an automated one. Download this free guide to learn how to get everyone in office on board with a faster, more accurate way of managing invoices.

You’ll learn how to improve the accounts payable process by:

  • Identifying project leaders who will gather support and requirements for your new system.
  • Securing buy-in by strategically targeting departments and end users.
  • Redesigning A/P processes to be less costly,burdensome and time-consuming.

Download your free copy of this eBook today!

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