6 Lessons Your IT Team Can Learn From the X-Men

By Sharon Fisher, May 29, 2014

The set-up: A group of people with almost supernatural powers, which they hope to use only for good. No, not your IT team. We’re talking about the X-Men.

Million-Page Project Will Digitize NYC Records

By Sharon Fisher, May 27, 2016

NYU's Tandon School of Engineering was recently awarded a $260,000 grant to digitize NYC records—more than a hundred years' and a million pages' worth.

Simplicity 2.0’s Summer Reading List for 2016

By Sharon Fisher, May 26, 2016

You may not be able to think like Bill Gates, but you can at least read like him, and many others who share their favorite books. Including us.

Everything You Know About Millennials is Wrong

By Sharon Fisher, May 23, 2016

All that stuff about how Millennials are qualitatively different from all the generations before them? Turns out, not so much.

Sorry, Moore’s Law Doesn’t Apply to People

By Sharon Fisher, May 20, 2016

Business process management could infinitely improve the efficiency of business processes, except for one problem: People are still involved.

Researchers Use AI for Bible Interpretation

By Sharon Fisher, May 18, 2016

As far back as Gutenberg, leading-edge technology has been used with the Bible. Now scientists are using AI for Bible interpretation.

3 Ways You’re Subject to Emoji Misinterpretation

By Sharon Fisher, May 16, 2016

You keep using that emoji. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Time to Take Another Look at BPM Benefits

By Sharon Fisher, May 12, 2016

Business process management (BPM) may be a lower priority for companies, but there are significant BPM benefits to be realized now, says a recent report.

More of Newton’s Alchemy Documents Revealed

By Sharon Fisher, May 11, 2016

Alchemy may be thought of as a crock these days, but it forms the basis for modern chemistry, according to Sir Isaac Newton's alchemy documents.

NASCIO Conference Brings State CIOs Together

By Sharon Fisher, May 09, 2016

Following a major report earlier this year, the focus of the three-day NASCIO conference turned out to be better, more modern ways of doing procurement.

5 Things Captain America Teaches On Managing IT

By Sharon Fisher, May 05, 2016

Even though he’s not the smartest or the strongest, there are reasons why Captain America is the leader of the Avengers. And they can work for IT, too.

Saving Money by Simplifying Your Org Structure

By Sharon Fisher, May 04, 2016

Looking for new ways to save your company money? Some of your biggest expenses might end up being management.

‘Uh Oh. Seen the Wright Brothers’ Patent Lately?’

By Sharon Fisher, May 02, 2016

Demonstrating one of the problems with paper documentation, the Wright Brothers patent on the airplane was recently rediscovered--after 36 years.