Why You Need to Care About Augmented Reality

By Sharon Fisher, April 25, 2016

How'd you like to see the instructions for what you're doing without having to look away? Not long from now, augmented reality could let you do that.

Gigabit Internet Economic Development Booming

By Sharon Fisher, July 21, 2016

People don't usually think of Tennessee as a hotbed of technology, but thanks to gigabit Internet, economic development is booming.

Operational Efficiency With Business Process Templates

By Sharon Fisher, July 20, 2016

Looking for ways that you can provide operational efficiency to your organization? Here's why you should consider business process templates.

Three Ways Casinos are Gambling on Technology

By Sharon Fisher, July 14, 2016

With revenues down, casinos are gambling on technology to help find ways to attract and retain customers, particularly Millennials.

Why You Need to Care About DoD 5015.2

By Sharon Fisher, July 13, 2016

Looking for a standard specification for records management? It turns out the government is here to help, with DoD 5015.2.

The Hidden World of Map Traps and Mountweazels

By Sharon Fisher, July 11, 2016

Want to learn how to use techniques like map traps to claim copyright on your firm's intellectual property? Just come along to Agloe, N.Y. to find out more.

How Do We Keep AI Systems From Learning Bad Things?

By Sharon Fisher, July 07, 2016

As artificial intelligence (AI) systems become more prevalent, how do we keep them from learning bad things, either by accident or from trolling?

Turns Out Working In the Office Has Its Benefits

By Sharon Fisher, July 06, 2016

Despite outliers like Yahoo! and HP, telecommuting has been increasing. But it turns out there's advantages to working in the office at least sometimes.

You Can Thank Claude Shannon for Cat Videos

By Sharon Fisher, June 30, 2016

You may never have heard of Claude Shannon, but it’s a sure bet that you’ve used something he invented. In fact, you’re doing it right now.

What’s the Worst Software Bug in History?

By Sharon Fisher, June 29, 2016

Something as minor as a unit mismatch or a missing comma can waste millions of dollars. Here are some of the worst software bugs in history.

Monks’ Marginalia Shows People Haven’t Changed

By Sharon Fisher, June 27, 2016

As medieval documents get digitized, we're learning more about the people who wrote them, based on the notes they scribbled in the margins, or marginalia.

Should the Law be Free? Carl Malamud Thinks So

By Sharon Fisher, June 22, 2016

Should private companies be able to claim copyright on the law? Internet activist Carl Malamud doesn't think so, and he's taking the issue to court.

Could This Site be a Model for Wikipedia 2.0?

By Sharon Fisher, June 20, 2016

While Wikipedia is one of the most popular Internet sites, it has its critics. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a model for Wikipedia 2.0.