How Complexity Makes Software Bad

By Sharon Fisher, October 19, 2015

To hear some people tell it, we’re one semicolon away from the entire software development industry collapsing around our ears.

Internet of Things Update: 4 Industries

By Sharon Fisher, August 22, 2016

While the Internet of Things may not be growing as fast as originally predicted, it still can change many industries. Here’s an Internet of Things update.

DOL Fidicuary Rule Can Help Business Processes

By Sharon Fisher, August 18, 2016

The new DOL fiduciary rule could offer process improvements. (Just ask John Oliver.) There may be an enterprise content management solution.

Improved Hotel Technology Seen as Big Draw

By Sharon Fisher, August 17, 2016

Hotels planning to grow their business are looking at more than putting in a pool or comfier beds. Instead, they’re looking at improving hotel technology

3 Business Lessons to Capture From Pokémon Go

By Sharon Fisher, August 15, 2016

There's more to capture from Pokémon Go than Rattata, Pikachu, and Eevee. There are also some important business lessons as well.

Why You Need to Care About Telepresence

By Sharon Fisher, August 11, 2016

If you've been avoiding videoconferencing (and we don't blame you), there's a new reason to give it another look: Telepresence.

Driving Better Change Management Through Technology

By Sharon Fisher, August 09, 2016

Driving organizational change is hard. Technology can help, but only if we consider its proper role in change management.

4 Lessons From Summer Olympics IT

By Sharon Fisher, August 04, 2016

During the Olympics, we all get to pretend to be athletes. Here's how to make sure your business keeps running in the meantime.

Integration Between ECM and Business Applications

By Sharon Fisher, August 03, 2016

Tired of having information silos? ECM software can be used to link with business applications, such as Salesforce integration.

Aphantasia: Is Your Mind’s Eye Blind?

By Sharon Fisher, August 01, 2016

"Imagine you're on a beach..." How often have you heard that? As it turns out, though, people with aphantasia can't visualize a beach--or anything else.

Ready to Party? Friday is National Sysadmin Day

By Sharon Fisher, July 28, 2016

Let’s hear it for the unsung heroes (and heroines) of our IT departments: The system administrators. Friday is National Sysadmin Day. Ready to celebrate?

Bad Passwords Blamed for CEO Social Media Hacks

By Sharon Fisher, July 25, 2016

We keep telling you and telling you how to avoid bad passwords, but do you ever listen? Even technology CEOs are vulnerable.

Gigabit Internet Economic Development Booming

By Sharon Fisher, July 21, 2016

People don't usually think of Tennessee as a hotbed of technology, but thanks to gigabit Internet, economic development is booming.