City University of Hong Kong created a shared services platform for human resources and finance using Laserfiche.

My name is Roger Wong. I’m the Director of the Enterprise Solutions Office at City University of Hong Kong. My primary responsibilities include having an overview of all the diversity information systems and solutions and formulating information systems strategy to support the strategic development of the university.

City University of Hong Kong is one of the eight government-funded universities in Hong Kong. City U aspires to become a leading global university excelling in research and professional education.

City University struggled with our previous document management system. Its user interface was not user-friendly enough.  We also needed to make sure that the new system was capable to integrate with the administrative ERP system we use to maintain our student, faculty and alumni personal data so that we could retrieve necessary metadata and information from our existing shell system.  Laserfiche was ultimately chosen through the new document management system mainly because of the user-friendliness of the system.

Laserfiche has been rolled out in a number of different departments at City University, including the finance department and HR department, the Council Secretariat and City U School of Graduate Studies, as well as across academic units.

After our migration to Laserfiche as a new ECM solution, we feel that there has been a major improvement in our user experience compared to our original solution.  We have been receiving positive feedback from end users about the user friendliness of the interface and they love it.

Most importantly, Laserfiche has helped us to resolve many of the problems we encountered previously.  For example, the document management approval and audit between the department has become more automated and transparent.

Our payroll procedures are streamlined and documents have been set up with dynamic access control rights so that access rights could be determined dynamically based on the metadata and the role of users. By granting the right person with the right access rights, we can ensure some more sensitive documents can only be viewed by certain type of users, minimizing the chance of document decay.

In line with our original goal for the solution, Laserfiche has been integrated and synchronized with Banner to manage files and storage for personnel working in HR.  Following the initial success of Laserfiche in improving our operations at City University, we are planning to expand the ECM platform to more departments and consolidate the silos of document management systems.

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