Thanks to Laserfiche, global trust company Intertrust provides easy and secure access to documents for clients and has saved on real-estate costs by digitizing documents, even with a growing workforce.

My name is David Humphrey. I work for Intertrust Group. My main responsibilities are looking after Laserfiche globally. Intertrust is a trust company. They’re global, they supply accountings or legal or depending on what the company is looking for, it may be payroll.

We were so full of paper, it was just paper everywhere and they wanted a solution that basically would allow us to scan everything and have it stored in one place. Intertrust was introduced to Laserfiche way back in 2007 in Guernsey and then we started to look for one globally, they looked at a few but then decided to go with Laserfiche and that started in 2010.

Intertrust picked Laserfiche because they were looking for something reliable and they were also looking for something it was a forefront of the market at the time. We started a pilot in the Netherlands for a small team, it was 25 people. We rolled out Laserfiche to them and then it went global after that. And they’re using it to scan documents, to retrieve documents, to make sure everything is there for the accountants so they can do the annual accounts. But it’s basically every kind of document you can think of emails, any loan agreements, any kind of documents in relation to like chartered accounts or anything like that. They’re all stored in those repositories and we even have support teams in Laserfiche as well. So, we have finance, we have H.R., we have compliance, all stored in Laserfiche.

We do have some savings that we’ve definitely made. I can give you one example; Real estate in Hong Kong is really expensive and we had an entire floor that was used for our business in Hong Kong. But then we launched Laserfiche and they did a job of back scanning all the documents into Laserfiche. And when I first went to the Hong Kong office as well it Was like many little caves of people surrounded by paper. I went back two years later to do an upgrade of Laserfiche for them and it was gone, all the paper was gone. Everything was inside Laserfiche and half of the floor had been sold back to another company but yet there was more people working for Intertrust in Hong Kong than before. So, it just shows you how much was saved due to that.

I think the searches are great. I think you can find anything at any point at anytime, I certainly can. The second one is the forums. I think Laserfiche forums is a really good way now of being able to actually get documents, whatever was in excel sheets before can now be put into a form and they don’t have to sign it. You don’t have to trek round looking for people to sign the documents or sign the forms, they can do it automatically. We’ve actually just started to put a client portal together. That’s going to be for all our clients and Laserfiche is going to be the forefront of that. So, all the documents are going to be stored into Laserfiche then pushed out into this client portal. So, then all our clients, doesn’t matter what jurisdiction they’re in, be it Luxembourg or Amsterdam we’ll be able to log into one place and find all their documents.

Laserfiche is an enterprise content management system not just a DMS, I think that’s what people need to recognize. The fact that we as a company, Intertrust, is pushing forward to make everything digital and I think with Laserfiche we are going to achieve that.

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