Serving 25,000 employees across the UK and Ireland, the telecommunications company’s HR department has sped up its processes and easily maintains its employee files.

My name is Nicola Doherty. I am the head of HR Administration at SKY. SKY are a media organization based in the UK and Ireland that provide direct home TV services for our customers. We have in the region of twenty-five thousand employees across the UK and Ireland and over 10 million customers. So, the HR admin function is responsible for, what it says on the tin really, HR administration for all of SKY’s employees.

We were taking back in-house some HR administration work that was previously delivered by a third party. For us to be able to do that. we had to look at, you know, how efficient we are in terms of our resources and our ability to deliver the service. So, it was at that point that we made the decision that we were going to upgrade the Laserfiche product that we had in place to Laserfiche Rio. We had a long-standing relationship with them with Laserfiche and through the conversations that we’d had with our sort-of partners we knew that there was more that we could get to enhance the product and its kind of ticked the boxes off of what we needed at that point in time of what we will need in the future. So, all of our employee files at Sky are held on the Laserfiche Rio product We use it to maintain, update employee files and to apply any rules that we need to arrange deletion for example.

We are a large organization that’s sort of diverse in terms of our structure and so that the Laserfiche product helps us to keep our sales organized. We use it for things like subject access requests that we get from employees. So, the new product has actually helped us with that process as well. For me, from an HR operations perspective, we never stand still so we’re always looking at better ways to do things. Whether that’s through automation or whether it’s just be more efficient at what we do. And, so I think Laserfiche as an organization it fits in with that.

The return that I see that we get from the Laserfiche product, the enhanced product, is that we are able to deliver our processes and quicker than we could before and that’s in relation to things such as subject access requests through new processes such as bar coding and in naming convention of files. There’s less human intervention in our processes so that the HR admin teams are able to file more and do it quickly and which is better than what we could do before.

The advice I would give to future Laserfiche users is and to keep things simple to give yourself enough time and to use the expertise that’s on offer. I think that the place it would end I was as always you know looking towards the future to see what other enhancements there might be further down the road. But we’ve got a really robust product in place now which is great.

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