Many users of the Laserfiche Client have been using stamps, small images placed on the page of a document, to annotate their documents. Thus far, no version of Laserfiche Workflow has given users the ability to add stamps to their document pages directly inside their workflows. By configuring either this script or custom activity, users will have the ability to add stamps directly in Workflow.

What should I keep in mind before using this script or activity?

  • For users of Laserifiche Workflow 8.3, the script may need to be migrated in order to be fully compatible with the new reference libraries. Information about Workflow migration can be found in the Workflow 8.3 Migration Guide.
  • Both the script and activity will work only with public stamps. To view the names of all public stamps in your repository, open the Laserfiche Client, open a document, go to the “Annotations” menu and click on “Stamps.”Add Stamps Workflow

Which should I use, the script or the activity?

You do not need to use both, choose only one or the other.

“Add Stamp” script

  • This option offers the least amount of setup but does not offer an interface for users to interact with during the design process. In order to configure the script, users must be able to edit the script’s code.
  • With this option you can choose the page as well as the particular location on the page where the stamp will appear.

Bottom Line: Choose this option if the users designing your workflows are comfortable interacting with code.

“Add Stamp” activity

  • While this option requires more setup than the script, it offers an interface for users to interact with during the design process.
  • This activity limits the placement of the stamp to 200 pixels from the top edge and 200 pixels from the left edge of the document’s first page.

Bottom Line: Choose this option if the users designing your workflows are not comfortable interacting with code.

Where do I obtain the script and activity?

You can download the script and the custom activity, as well as an accompanying white paper with step-by-step configuration instructions here.

*Please note that a Support Site login is required to download the zip file.*

The white paper is written for users with little or no background in a programming language.

If you do have a background in a programming language, then you can easily alter or extend the functionality of the script (written in VB.NET).

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