Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Susan Lesovsky, Application Support Manager, Colorado Water Conservation Board

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources (CDNR) deals with a variety of documents on a daily basis. Because many of these documents are legacy documents that have been scanned into Laserfiche from various physical storage locations, we often run across documents that are incomplete or have some unreadable text or other problems that could not be fixed during the scanning and OCR process. In order to actively address any issues associated with our scanned documents, the CDNR implemented a Report a Problem button that is available within our internal Laserfiche WebLink portal.

How does this process work?

  1. When staff members open a document in WebLink, they can see a Report a Problem button beside the regular WebLink buttons in the toolbar.Cwcb Problem Reporting Report A Problem
  2. When staff members click on the button, the following form pops up:Form PopsThis form allows staff to select a New Problem from a pull-down list and add a Comment (such as the number of the affected page) to help the Records staff quickly correct the issue later. Staff can submit multiple problems for the same document, one at a time, through this button.
  3. After users click Submit, the document is passed to a custom Web application that is hosted on one of our servers. This Web application adds this document name into a Laserfiche WebLink Error Log page.Laserfiche Weblink Error LogThis page lists the documents, their associated identifying metadata and the reported problem. By clicking on More, employees will be able to see the associated comments that were submitted along with the reported problem. Our Records staff checks this log daily to see what problems they need to address.
  4. Records staff looks up the documents in the Laserfiche Client by running a search based on the document name. They then correct any of the reported problems. Once the error is fixed, the employee checks the Resolved box and then clicks Update.

How do you configure the custom button?

To configure the button that launches the form, navigate to the \Program Files\Laserfiche\WebLink 8\Web Files directory on your hard drive and locate the following files: DocView.aspx and DocView.aspx.vb. Open each one in a text editor and modify them according to the instructions below.


Insert the following code to add the button to class ToolbarRightSection.

<img id="AnnotationsSeparator" src="images/separator.gif" runat="server" />
<div class="ToolbarRightSection">
<asp:Button ID="reportbutton" Text="Report a Problem" Runat="server" Visible="false" />
<A class="PageToolbarLink TextButton" href="javascript:void(0)" id="ViewImageLink" runat="server"/>View Images</A>


Insert this processing code related to the button into the Page_Load function.

ShowAnnotationsCheck.Checked = TheImageDisplay.ShowAnnotations
reportbutton.Visible = False
If Not
IsNothing(ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("WebLink")("ReportButtonEnabled")) Then
CBool(ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("WebLink")("ReportButtonEnabled")) Then
reportbutton.Visible = True
End If
End If
DownloadTIFLink.Visible = False
If Not
IsNothing(ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("WebLink")("TIFFDownloadEnabled")) Then
CBool(ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("WebLink")("TIFFDownloadEnabled")) Then
DownloadTIFLink.Visible = True
End If
End If
reportbutton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "'https://devserver/dwrlaserfiche/documenterror.aspx?docname=" & DocID & "', null, 'height=420, width=550'); return false")
' ******
' Log the file open event

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