Most departments at Laserfiche follow the Agile Project Management methodology. Projects are assigned weekly and broken into tasks. Task status and any impediments are discussed in short, daily meetings called standups. Here is how the Presales department streamlined project requests with Laserfiche Forms, Laserfiche Workflow, and an integration with the ScrumWorks project management software.

Laserfiche Forms

To request Presales assistance with a project, a Laserfiche employee fills out the Presales Assistance Request form in Laserfiche Forms. When the employee opens the form, one field appears.

Scrumworks Laserfiche Forms

Once a user selects an option from the drop-down menu, additional fields relevant to the selection appear. For example, if the user selects RFP (Request for Proposal), the rest of the form is populated with questions regarding the RFP. To limit incomplete submissions, important fields are marked as required. Using the File Upload field, users can upload supplemental documents such as a list of RFP questions or technical requirements that need to be addressed by the Presales engineer.

RFP Info

Once the form is submitted, Laserfiche Forms routes it to the Presales Manager who reviews the project. If the project request is unclear or lacks certain information, the Presales Manager clicks the “Need more info” button and Laserfiche Forms automatically sends an email to the form submitter asking him to provide more information and resubmit. If the Presales Manager accepts the project, he assigns an engineer from a drop-down list and clicks “Approve”.

Presales Manager Approval

Laserfiche Forms sends an email with a link to the form to the engineer assigned to the project. He can then accept the project or reject it if he has schedule conflicts. Once the engineer accepts the project, Laserfiche Forms invokes a workflow that creates a backlog item in ScrumWorks – the program that tracks the progress of the project during daily standups.

Email with A Link To Form

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Behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes

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The Laserfiche Forms process is mapped out in the Laserfiche Forms Process Modeler:

The workflow is created in the Workflow Designer:

LF Process Modeler: Workflow

This workflow does the following:

Benefits of the Laserfiche – ScrumWorks integration

With Laserfiche Forms, Laserfiche Workflow, and a Laserfiche-ScrumWorks integration, the Presales Assistance Request process has significantly improved.

  • Project assistance requests are completed with relevant information.
  • Comprehensive email notifications keep the form submitter, the Presales Manager and the assigned Presales engineer in the loop and on the same page.
  • Projects are automatically posted to the ScrumWorks backlog as they are submitted, saving the Presales Manager time by not having to copy and paste new projects into the program.
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