The permitting process is usually a long and tedious exercise requiring many different people to view and approve multiple forms. Using Laserfiche and LincDoc Standard Edition, this arduous process can be simplified and expedited to ensure revenue gains.

The following example will follow Joe Public’s quest for a water heater application. Using LincDoc, he is able to build a custom e-form and submit it to Laserfiche.

LincDoc Permit Application

Once the Joe Public has completed the e-form, it is submitted (either manually or automatically using Laserfiche Workflow) directly to Laserfiche, where it may be accessed by a Public Works employee.

Public Works Permit Application

  • The submission of the application to Laserfiche kicks off a workflow that creates a folder for the supplemental documents associated with the application.
  • The Public Works employee is then able to open the e-form and check the completion of all of the required fields. If there is any missing documentation, the employee will use a drop-down list to select missing items.
  • Laserfiche Workflow facilitates communication by automatically creating and sending an e-mail to Joe Public that includes information about how to complete the application process.

Once the Joe Public replies with the appropriate documentation, the Public Works employee may send the document to Laserfiche directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Permit Application Folder

  • The document will automatically appear in the Permit Application Folder specific to Joe Public.
  • The Public Works employee will now be able to append data relevant to the missing forms and initiate the financial transaction aspect of the permitting process.

After the Public Works employee approves the permit, a notification automatically displays in the view available to the Finance Department. The Finance Department employee logs onto a portal created specifically for his viewing. This portal view does not require Laserfiche to be installed on the computer.

Laserfiche Finance Department Permit

  • From this screen, the Financial Department will be able to open the document and change the payment status from “pending” to “payment received.”
  • If Finance chooses, it may also integrate Laserfiche with its accounting software to process the payment.
  • Once the payment has been received, Laserfiche Workflow will automatically change the document’s metadata from “Pending” to “Paid.”
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