Contributed by: Allen Pilgrim, Network Administrator, City of Albany, OR

Albany, OR, had installed Laserfiche in 1988 in its Finance Department as a virtual file cabinet, but when internal users aimed to cut it out of the budget, the city explored methods to fully maximize the system’s capability. By 2006, The IT Direction had implemented Laserfiche as a standard install on every computer in the city.

Integration with Accela PermPlus

Early adoption by the Building Department led IT staff to create an interface integration between Laserfiche WebLink and the city’s Accela PermPlus permitting software so building inspectors could retrieve Laserfiche documents through the application.

According to Network Administrator Allen Pilgrim:

The way this works is to take the actual permit number in PermPlus and use it for a search in Laserfiche WebLink. Here are the specifics.

  1. Every computer contains PermPlus.ini file in the C:\Windows folder.
  2. Open that file and look for this heading [IMAGING]. If it doesn’t exist then create it.
  3. Here is the method we used. You may need to tweak it to get it to work in your environment.

ExternalViewApp="C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe"
ExternalViewCmd=https://laserfiche/Search.[Types:Default=P Activity=P Parcel=R Address=A CAED=L]spxx searchcommand={[Parcel]:[Permit]="[KeyValue]"
ExternalViewCaption="Docs by Address"
ExternalUpdateApp="C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe"
ExternalUpdateCmd=https://laserfiche/[Types:Default=P Activity=P Parcel=R Address=A CAED=L]x? searchcommand={[Parcel]:[Permit]="[KeyValue]"}
ExternalUpdateCaption="Docs by Activity"

By scanning building permits and retrieving documents through the integration, digital storage jumped from 10 to 42 volumes of storage in just one year.


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