Entry access rights control the kind of access that a user has to documents, folders and shortcuts in the Laserfiche repository. These rights are applied through the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access, since they are based on specific locations in the folder tree. Entry access rights allow you to control what users and groups can do with entries in the repository on a folder-by-folder basis.

Entry access rights have three possible states:

  • Explicitly allowed.
  • Explicitly denied.
  • Not – allowed (inherited).

The effective entry access rights that a user has depend on the combination of explicit and inherited rights.

What does this utility do?

This program prints the explicitly assigned entry access rights (allow or deny) of the particular entry selected in the Laserfiche Client to a comma-separated list file (.csv).

The report includes:

  • Document path.
  • User name.
  • Scope.
  • Inheritance.
  • Value of each right — Allow, Deny or blank.

How does this utility work?

1. Select the particular entry (folder, document or short-cut) in the Laserfiche Client for which you would like to generate the report.

2. Run the utility.

  • If you would like to print the access rights for all entries contained within that folder, any subfolders and so on through the folder tree, select the Recursive option. The click Ok.
  • Otherwise, if you would like only the access rights of the selected entry, click Ok without checking any other option.

Report Entry Access Utility Run The Utility

3. The utility will run. When finished, you will be notified by a pop-up box.

Pop-Up Box

4. You will then be prompted to save or open the generated “.csv” file. This report will list any explicit entry access rights:

  • Allow.
  • Deny.
  • Inherited rights are denoted by a blank field.

.Csv File

What are the prerequisites to using this utility?

  • Laserfiche Server 7.2 or higher.
  • Microsoft Excel or any comparable spreadsheet application.

In order to view the access rights, the user must have Browse, Read and Read Entry Security rights on the particular entry.

What should I be aware of when using this utility?

  • The program specifies only the explicit rights for the selected entry. Inherited rights are denoted by a blank field. Effective rights are not reported.
  • If a child entry has no explicit rights, it will not be included in the report.

Where can I download this utility?

The zip file containing the utility can be downloaded here.

* A Support Site account is necessary for downloading the zip file.*

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