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All business-related records should be monitored, supervised and archived. This includes anything that is posted about your organization via Twitter. This article demonstrates how to set up a Laserfiche Forms process to approve, post and archive company-branded tweets.

Example: Laserfiche Empower 2014 Conference

Laserfiche developed a custom form to help users send tweets during the 2014 Laserfiche Empower conference. After someone filled out the form, the proposed tweet is sent to the social media manager for review. The social media manager can either approve or reject the tweet. If the tweet is approved, it is automatically posted with an associated hashtag.


The Laserfiche Empower 2014 Twitter form

Behind the Scenes

The whole process was powered by Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Workflow. Here is a copy of the Laserfiche Forms business process:


In order to enforce the 140 character limit for tweets, append the appropriate hashtag and add the tweeter’s name or Twitter handle, this form was customized with JavaScript.


Click image to view larger in new window.

Once the form was submitted, Laserfiche Workflow takes over. The workflow does the following:


Here is what the workflow that powers the Twitter approval process looks like:



Encouraging users to submit their tweets through Laserfiche Forms has the following benefits:

  • It is easy for tweets to be reviewed and approved before they are posted, ensuring compliance with an organization’s social media policies.
  • All tweets are also saved in the Laserfiche Forms database, making them quick to retrieve if they are ever needed, such as in the case of an audit.

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