Why is this script useful?

Workflow 8 does not provide a way to make routing decisions based on a user’s group membership. This is possible in Workflow 8.3 with the new “User’s Groups” starting condition and wait condition.Thus, Workflow 8.3 users can still find this script useful if they want to make routing decisions based on a user’s group membership inside a workflow.

Note: For Workflow 8.3 users, the script may need to be migrated in order to be fully compatible with the new reference libraries. Information about Workflow migration can be found in the Workflow 8.3 Migration Guide.

How does this script work?

The primary purpose of this script is to create a series of tokens that identify the group the user who initiated the workflow belongs to. The script will create one token for each group. By evaluating these tokens, a decision activity (such as a Routing Decision or Conditional Parallel) can be used to conditionally perform any series of actions – not just assign security.

Example: The ACME Corporation has three departments that use Laserfiche: Sales, Marketing and Accounting. When a user creates a document in the repository, they need Workflow to determine what group the user is in and assign security that ensures only this group can view the document – regardless of where it is in the repository.

Here is a sample workflow (created in Workflow 8) that corresponds to the above-mentioned example. As you can see, the “Routing Based on Group Membership” script is the first activity.

Routing Group Workflow

Where do I download the script?

The script, a sample workflow and accompanying configuration instructions can be found here.

*Please note that a Support Site Account is required to download the zip file.*

The configuration instructions are written for a user with little or no background in any programming language. Users with a programming background should be able to easily modify the VB.NET script.

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