Imagine that you are designing a long and complicated workflow. How can you organize sets of activities into logical steps that describe what is occurring in the workflow from a business perspective?

Secondly, although you know the overall process, there are some details of the workflow with which you aren’t very familiar. How can you mark those parts so that you can easily come back and fill them in later?


Use a Sequence activity!

What is a Sequence Activity?

A Sequence activity is an activity in Workflow 8.3 which contains multiple activities and performs these activities in a top-down order. A Sequence is useful for organizing several successive activities into one major step.

A Sequence can be:

  • Renamed to describe the functions in that step.
  • Commented to describe what happens (or what still needs to be done).
  • Filled with as many activities that are necessary to complete that particular step.
  • Disabled so that it has no impact on the workflow.

How do we configure a Sequence?

  1. In the Workflow Designer search in the Toolbox for Sequence.
    Sequence Activity Toolbox for Sequence
  2. Select and drag this activity onto the canvas.
    Canvas Sequence
  3. Give the Sequence activity a descriptive name and comment in the Properties Pane.
    Properties Pane
  4. If you are familiar with the business process, drag the other activities into the Sequence and configure them.
    Sequence and Configure
  5. If you would like to complete this part of the workflow later, right-click on the activity to disable the Sequence.
    Disable the Sequence


  • If later activities depend on activities contained in the Sequence activity to run, then disabling the Sequence will cause the workflow to run incorrectly.
  • See “Tips and Tricks in the Workflow 8.3 Designer” for more ideas about how to build and design efficient workflows.

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